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Construction of county courthouse in Poli Street.

Courthouse construction.

Main Street Bridge construction

Construction scene with scaffolding.

Construction of Main Street Ventura River bridge with scaffolding and construction worker.

Ventura County Courthouse Construction
The skeleton of concrete construction and scaffolding shown for the building of the new Ventura County courthouse on Poli and California Streets in Ventura.

Masonic Temple Ground Breaking
Group photo of residents standing on land going to be used to build the Masonic Temple on Santa Clara and California Streets in Ventura. Photo is made up of two photos.

Mexican Construction Crew at Casitas Dam
A Mexican construction crew is standing in the ditch of Casistas Dam with large bins of boulders between them. The men are holding or leaning on shovels. In the ditch are men identified as Gruemell or Greenwell and Donlon, but it is unclear which men…
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