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Beginning Work on Courthouse Annex
Group photo of several men in suits and construction clothing standing on top of heavy machinery with wooden beams below the machinery. Photo marks the beginning of construction of Ventura County Courthouse annex and jail in 1931 on corner of Poli…

Work crew at Casitas Dam, Group Photo
A work crew of about 35 men seated on a hill of boulders. Looking in various directions, mostly looking at the camera. Most men are clean shaven, but a few have mustaches and one man in the front center has a full beard. Library records indicate that…

Work Crew with Cement Mixer, Casitas Dam
A work crew with a cement mixer at Casitas Dam. One of the workers is looking directly at the camera and smiling while working. Horses are harnessed to a wagon. Bags (of sand?) are piled high next to the cement mixer. One of the workers is wearing a…

Ojai Arcade Construction
A view of the Ojai Arcade during its construction, taken from the street. Four unidentified men stand under one of the arches, facing the camera. One man wears a suit, the other three wear work clothes. All four men wear hats, each of a different…

Blasting for Railroad Site
View of a blasting on a railroad site east of Moorpark. Shows flat area with scattered rocks and wheelbarrow. Hills in the background with visible road grading.

Railroad Camp at W. J. Richardson Ranch
View of the railroad camp on the W. J. Richardson ranch near Moorpark, taken from a distance. Tents and animals are visible in the camp, with hills in the background.

Putting Rip-rap on Slope of Ventura Harbor Banks
View of a crane suspending a platform over a v-shaped trench. Segment of trench lined with large rocks. Construction vehicle and additional rocks visible in background.

Archaeological Investigation
Shows an archaeological investigation in the site that is now the Museum of Ventura County. Eight archeologists are digging in various spots of a field, checking for artifacts prior to museum construction.
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