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George C. Power Lemon Ranch Exhibit, Ventura County Fair
A group of men pose in front of the George C. Power Lemon Ranch exhibit at the Ventura County Fair (first prize), October 1927. Pictured left to right: Omer Hooge, Chester B. Greenlee, Chris Hedrick, Therman Hardister, Leo Mortenson, Leland Hedrick,…

Ventura County, California, Midway Between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara postcard
Illustrated aerial view of Ventura County. It is a map showing cities connected with highways. A chart at top lists annual production of agricultural products and oil. Caption at top reads: "Ventura County, California, Midway Between Los Angeles and…

Airship brand postcard
Color illustration postcard of a citrus packing label with an airship with the word airship written in large, red, block letters at the top of the postcard. An orange wrapped in paper with "Sunkist" written on it is in the lower left corner. Next to…

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Loading Limoneira Lemons
Mule drawn wagons loaded with lemons from Limoneira Ranch line up alongside boxcars. Men are seen on the wagons holding on to crates they will be loading. One of the boxcars reads "Ventilated Refrigerator" along the side. Refrigerated car on the…

Limoneira Ranch, Santa Paula postcard
View of the Limoneira Ranch. Shows the ranch surrounded by citrus groves, with two roads passing through the groves, one parallel to the ranch, one perpendicular. Mountains are visible in the background.

Caption: Limoneira Ranch. Santa Paula,…

Limoneira Ranch Packing House postcard
View of the packing house on the Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula. Shows the packing house with unpaved road outside. Several palm trees are visible, growing on one side of the building. An early automobile is parked next to the building.


Portion of Highway 101 Map
Map of portion of Highway 101 map at unnamed location. Below Highway 101 First and Second Acquisitions are seen, as well as easement for pipeline purposes. Lots 3, 4, and 4 1/2 are also visible below Highway 101 and Lot 4 contains orange orchards.

Monroe Everett Oral History
Interview with Monroe Everett about his life in Moorpark and the history of water access in the area. Born in Montalvo in 1907, Everett was a lifelong Ventura County resident. He grew citrus, avocados and walnuts on his Moorpark farm. Graduated from…

Nailing Covers Upon Boxes Ready for Shipment
Interior scene of a Limoneira worker nailing covers onto boxes of citrus fruit that are ready to be shipped. The worker is standing at a work table with a Limoneira box in front of him. There is a blur from the motion of hitting nails with a hammer.…

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Rancho Sespe Fruit Display
Shows the Rancho Sespe fruit display at the 1921 Ventura County Fair. Boxes of citrus are arranged to showcase the fruit. Other boxes are arranged along base of the display to showcase the citrus labels. A trophy is in the center of the exhibit.
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