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Effie and Mabel Bartlett
Full portrait of Effie and Mabel Bartlett, two young girls, sitting in white dresses on hay or grass. They both gaze to the right of the camera. There is a backdrop of a beach and ocean scene behind them. The photograph is mounted on cardboard.…

Frances "Fannie" Hughes Fulkerson
Oval bust portrait of Frances "Fannie" Hughes Fulkerson, a young woman. She is gazing to the left of the viewer and wears a buttoned and embroidered top with a brooch. She lived from 1871-1962.

Irene Sanchez in Goat Cart
Irene Sanchez smiles adorably at the viewer while driving a goat-drawn cart. The cart reads "Fillmore Calif. 1927" in the front and is attached to a large white goat with horns.

John Hughes and Jennie Rivera Wedding Portrait
Full portrait of Jennie Rivera, standing, and John Hughes for the occasion of their wedding. Jennie wears a dark dress with white gloves and is holding what appear to be white fabric ribbons in one hand. John is seated in a chair wearing a suit with…

Katherine Hoffman Haley
Full seated portrait of Katherine Hoffman Haley as a young girl. She has shoulder length blonde hair with bangs. She is wearing a white dress and holding what appears to be a yardstick. A doll can be partially seen next to her. She is looking…

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Katherine Hoffman Haley
Bust portrait of Katherine Hoffman Haley as a young child. She has shoulder length blonde hair and bangs. She is wearing a white dress. The image is blurry.

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Mamie Mitchell
Full portrait of a young woman, Mamie Mitchell, with hands clasped in front of her looking at the viewer. She wears a dark, floor length dress with a high collar.

Mrs. John Donlon
Full portrait of Mrs. John Donlon (first name not provided), standing with one arm resting on an upholstered chair. She faces the camera, but looks to the viewer's right. She wears her hair pulled back with bangs, and has on a floor length long…

Pansy Augusta Brewster, Age 5
Sepia toned bust portrait of a very young Pansy Augusta Brewster, at age 5 possibly. Pansy is wearing a light colored dress and is looking to the viewers right.

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Refugio Sanchez
Refugio "Ruth" Sanchez poses for an outdoors photo on the occasion of her birthday on February 9, 1928. She is smiling at the viewer and wears a dress with ruffled accents and black pumps. She is under one corner of an arbor, house in the background.
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