Keene Reel 11, Hunting, Trapping, Wilderness Footage



Keene Reel 11, Hunting, Trapping, Wilderness Footage


2021-1.11 AV (Keene Reel 11)


Herman Keene Collection, 2021
Funding support for the digitization of this material was generously provided by The Schwemm Family Foundation.
Accession No.: 2021-1


Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, of horseback riding, hunting with guns and dogs, animal trapping, wilderness views and scenes (some snowy), Herman Keene at a cabin interacting with animals, animal skins, and loading a mountain lion into a car and into a cage.

Woman on horseback riding along a stream with two men following on foot; Keene posing with taxidermized lion; Man driving away, women and boy waving goodbye; Car driving along hillside; Group of men laying something heavy on the ground; Horse eating hay off back of car, Keene leaves car to pet horse; Man leading a horse with a load on its back through woods, cuts to Keene examining snowy trees briefly; Keene securing mountain lion carcass on horse; Men rolling a large person shaped basket up a hill; Fire burning on small hill with a lot of billowing smoke; Keene walking with mountain lion carcass around his neck dragging a partially eaten deer by its antlers; Keene pushing a wheelbarrow with mountain lion carcass in it; Keene walking down snowy hill; Keene setting up an animal trap and an animal, possibly a bobcat, goes inside; Two men at a campsite; Man on horseback; Man with gun approaching a cabin; Two mounted woodpeckers; Keene with mountain lion carcass tied to car; Man leading mule with load on its back; Keene hanging mountain lion from tree; Keene talking to bowlegged man; Keene inspecting animal carcass then walking up a rocky hill; Dark shot of a man pointing gun at a bear; A bear; Wilderness scenery; Keene leading horse through snow; Horse grazing; Closeup of swollen arm; Group of dogs running through a field, barking at an animal in a tree (animal is pulled from tree and stepped on), barking at a trapped animal, running more, and then being led on leash through fields; Trapped racoon; Keene feeding deer; Keene shoveling his way through snow to an outhouse and shoveling more snow; A car drives through snow; Keene walks around and interacts with animals (dogs, a large cat, rooster, donkeys); Keene hangs animal skins on a building; Keene and a man and woman try to load and secure mountain lion in chicken wire into a car; Mountain lion in chicken wire placed in an enclosure, possibly at Goebel's Lions in Thousand Oaks; Mountain lion walks around enclosure; Man handles and touches dead bear; Waterfall closeup; Mountain lion closeup.




No date


Black and White Film
Home movie
14 min., 34 sec.


Animal carcasses
Keene, Herman, 1878-1965


Ventura County (Calif.)
Thousand Oaks (Calif.)


Museum of Ventura County


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Original Format

16mm film reel


14:34 at 18 fps


Unknown, “Keene Reel 11, Hunting, Trapping, Wilderness Footage,” Research Library at The Museum of Ventura County, accessed July 20, 2024,