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Letterhead of Piru Rancho
Photograph of Piru Rancho letterhead sent from the Office of David C. Cook, Proprietor of the Piru Rancho. Contains a map of the rancho location and a description of the rancho.

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Photo of a map of Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara, showing boundaries of surrounding ranchos and landowners of subdivisions.

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El Rancho Simi Adobe
Exterior view of the Rancho Simi Adobe. Shows a one side of the building, with a portion of a porch visible. A pile of what appears to be rocks or firewood is stacked against the building, below a window. Portions of other structures are visible in…

Survey Map of Rancho Santa Rosa
Map of Rancho Santa Rosa, a portion of Rancho El Conejo. Property of interest is located south of Camarillo Road. Tracts A, B, C and D of Rancho El Conejo as well as boundary lines for nearby Rancho Simi and Rancho Calleguas are shown. Captions: …

Partition Survey Map of Rancho El Conejo
Black line partition survey map of Rancho El Conejo, made by court order in the case of Edwards et. al. versus Pinkard et. al. Survey points and acreage data shown for Arroyo Acres, located north of "California State Highway" (United States Highway…

Japanese Quarters at Rancho Sespe
Exterior, three quarters view of the living quarters of the Japanese workers at Rancho Sespe. The building is two stories tall, with exterior staircases on the side, a chimney, and porch. A group of Japanese men stand on the steps and porch of the…

Bathhouse at the Rancho Sespe Japanese Quarters
An exterior view of the bathhouse at the Rancho Sespe Japanese workers' living quarters. Building is one story tall, with small windows along the sides. A group of men, two women, and a child pose together outside of the bathhouse. The men wear…

Rancho Camulos Rose Garden
Shows the rose gardens and adjacent grounds at Rancho Camulos. Rose garden and a single-story building are on the left of the view. A paved path is on the right. Palms and trees are growing in the background. A parking lot is visible beyond a chain…

Rancho Camulos Rose Garden
Shows the rose garden and a portion of the adobe at Rancho Camulos. Rows of rose bushes on the left, lined by brick walkway. Trees and palms are visible behind a chain link fence.

Rancho Camulos Rose Garden
Shows the adobe and rose garden at Rancho Camulos. Taken from the paved path that borders the garden. Trees and palms are visible beside and behind the adobe.
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