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Swimmer in bathing hole.

Pond with grass.

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Matilija Hot Springs.

Stock pond in Piru.

Beach Scene at Ventura Wharf Postcard
Postcard titled "Beach Scene, Ventura, California" showing the Ventura Wharf in the background and a beach full of people, horses, a bicycle, carriages, a picnic bench, and a small lagoon. A handwritten note reads: "See inside the circle Pilie,…

The Limoneira in Santa Paula
Limoneira Company in Santa Paula, California. A panorama of a lemon orchard and a large pool of water. A man stands by the water's edge.

Text in the bottom left corner reads, "One of the California Wonders / Limoneira - Santa Paula / A six…

Swimming in Natural Pool
Image depicts four unidentified women, but likely related to the Daily family playing in a natural swimming pool. All four of the women are smiling and wearing swimsuits. Woman in center is holding hands with the women on her right and left. She is…
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