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Portion of Pierpont Bay Area Map, Ventura
Black line map of a portion of Pierpont Bay area in Ventura, made for Royal-Liverpool Group. Top portion of document shows map including Ventura Airpark and a housing tract along Pierpont Boulevard. Other visible streets include South Seaward Avenue,…

Harbor Entrance to Ventura Keys Postcard
Aerial view of the harbor entrance to the Ventura Keys on a clear, sunny day, with an inset photograph in the lower right corner of the sign for the Ventura Keys development with a few palm trees and greenery in the background. In the main image,…

Aerial Panorama of Westlake Village postcard
Aerial view of Westlake Village. There are buildings and roads around a lake. Inside the lake is an island with more roads. Caption at bottom reads: "Aerial Panorama of Westlake Village, California; Photo by Bliss Aerial Photos Pasadena."
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