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Boulder Cave - Matilija
This photograph depicts a cave opening surrounded by jagged hillside rocks. Two people are visible at a distance, seated at the opening of the cave. One of the people appears to be a child. "Brewster Ventura, Cal." is embossed on the brown cardstock…

Valdez Cave on Santa Cruz Island Postcard
Photograph taken from inside Valdez Cave on Santa Cruz Island, titled "Beautiful California Valdez Cave, Santa Cruz, Island." A cliff side of Santa Cruz Island is visible, along with two boats and a person standing on the rocks.
[Pacific Novelty…

Tres Bocas Cave, Santa Cruz Island postcard
Landscape view of Tres Bocas Cave opening located on a beach on Santa Cruz Island looking outward toward ocean water. Unknown man located in the center of the postcard leaning on cave opening next to a wooden crate.

[Rieder, M., Publ., Los…

View of two people in a rowboat from a cave.

Chumash Painting on Cave Walls, Santa Susana Mountains
View of cave paintings drawn by the Chumash on a cave wall in the Santa Susana mountains. There appears to be a measuring stick attached to the cave wall.

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