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Takasugi Family Portrait, 1932
Portrait shows grandparents Gorokichi (top center) and Tsuta Takasugi (seated right) posing with Frank and Tono Takasugi (seated) and their eight young children, who are standing or sitting.

Virginia Ruiz, Charles Prudhome and Maria de Los Angeles Ruiz
Full group portrait of Virginia Ruiz standing a small distance from Charles Prudhome and Maria de Los Angeles Ruiz. Charles is holding a cane. A building with a balcony and many people visible in the background.

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Woman Standing in Front of Fence
Unidentified woman standing in front of a lattice fence. The woman is looking at the camera and smiling. She is wearing a hat and coat. One of her arms is holding a purse close to her chest while the other arm hangs by her side. Behind the fenceā€¦
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