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Opening of the Maricopa Highway
Six young women dressed in bathing suits and high heels pose in front of a sign at the opening of Maricopa Highway [California State Route 33]. A crowd of people is visible on the left side of the image. Motorcycles are visible in background. Sign…

Parade along C Street, Men on Motorcycles
Seven men on motorcycles riding along C Street parade. Man on the far right has what looks like a banner or sign covering the front lights of the motorcycle but is unreadable. Image taken in front of residential homes, St. Joseph's Institute visible…

Fillmore Fire Department and Chief of Police Group Photo
Group photo of Fillmore Fire Department fire fighters in and around a firetruck. One little boy sits on the firetruck as well. Chief of Police Earl Hume is on a motorcycle parked next to the firetruck. All face the viewer. According to library…

Captain Howard E. Marsh, California Highway Patrol
Full portrait of Captain Howard E. Marsh, California Highway Patrol, Ventura. He stands beside a motorcycle with a stretch of road and a hill or mountain in the background. He wears his uniform and smiles at the viewer.

Ventura Police Department Group Photo Sepia
Ventura Police Department officers standing in a row, with three sitting on chairs in a row in front. They are on a lawn in front of a building. Three motorcycles are parked in in a row in front of sitting officers.
One copy is damaged and a second…

Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club Meeting at La Conchita del Mar
Beach scene crowded with cars, people walking and standing around, and motorcycles. Ocean is in the background. Meeting of the Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club in 1925.

Police Officer Seated on Motorcycle, sepia
A police officer seated on a motorcycle. Writing in corner reads, "To my pal Bernie with best wishes for the New Year and a Merry Christmas. Rex."
Two copies available, one sepia and one black and white.
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