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Ventura Mission - Altar
A view of the Ventura Mission altar. "Brewster Ventura Cal" is embossed on the lower left corner of the gray cardstock to which the photo is mounted.

Torn Altar Cloth
Image shows a torn altar cloth. A lighter color fringe can be seen at the top of the cloth. The same light colored fringe can also be seen on the bottom of the cloth. At the bottom of the altar cloth there is a scalloped pattern with embroidered…

Christmas Altar at Rancho Camulos
View of an altar in the Rancho Camulos chapel decorated for Christmas. In the center of the altar is a baby Jesus music box. Orange trees and cotton decorate and surround the music box. Below the music box is a table with a patterned altar cloth.

Bedroom with Altar and Heirlooms
View of a bedroom at Rancho Camulos. In the center of the image is the bed. The bed is covered by decorative sheets and blankets. Bookshelves on each side of the bed. On the right is an altar with a pattered altar cloth. On the left is a couch. There…

Our Lady of Assumption Altar
Over sized color photo of Our Lady of Assumption Altar and a mural above the altar.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church Decorated for Hobson-Hoffman Wedding
Interior view of St. Paul's Church in Ventura decorated with flowers, ribbons and/or tulle for the marriage of Edith May Hobson and Walter Henry Hoffman Jr. Shows a close up view of the altar.

Church in El Rio Interior
Mounted photo of the interior of the first church, appears to be a Catholic church, in "old El Rio." View is of the altar with a priest in front of it. Two men sit on the steps to the altar on either side of the priest, and two women sit in the…

Original Altar and Indian Murals at San Buenaventura Mission
A view of the original altar and Indian murals at San Buenaventura Mission, prior to 1878. A crucifix in the middle flanked by statues of Saints. Many symbols painted on the walls.
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