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Tractor and Planting Device in Field
A man drives a tractor that is pulling a planting device across a field. Another man and a girl are on top of the device. There is a barn in the background and some small trees in the field.

Hondo Ranch Lemon Grove
Southern view of newly planted lemon orchard with irrigation equipment. Caption reads "Looking S from Berylwood Rd/ across TR 15 (B.I Co. [Berylwood Investment Company] Hondo Ranch) new lemon grove planting."

Weather Station Reading with Mr. Blanchard
Mr. Blanchard (possibly Ralph Blanchard) examines temperatures in a Valencia orange orchard. Caption reads "Showing how temperatures are watched - Valencia Orange trees on north side of entrance road. Mr. Blanchard pointing to reading 72 degrees in…

Untitled, (Mule or Horse Team with 2 Men and Farm Implements) postcard
A team of mules or horses appears to be pulling a farm implement upon which a man is sitting. Another man is visible within the group of animals. Hills, buildings, utility poles and wires are visible in the distance.

[AZO in stamp area]

W. M. Zeller Threshing Outfit
Agricultural laborers that are part of W. M. Zeller threshing crew, with their wagons, machinery, and horses. Smoke is billowing out of machinery in the middle of the photograph. American flag flying. Hills in the background. Library records also…
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