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San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct Ruins
A little girl holds the hand of a toddler as they walk on a road made through what used to be the San Buenaventura Mission aqueduct. Library records state "Ruins of 7 mile San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct, so solid after a century and a half that…

Stone Ditch, Built By The Indians Over 130 Years Ago, Ventura postcard
An unidentified figure leans against a stone ditch with arms crossed. A horse stands several feet in front of the figure among low shrubs. A large oak tree stands to the left of the viewer, and another oak stands further back to the right. Hills are…

Mission Aqueduct, Cañada Larga
A man stands on top of the ruins of the San Buenaventura Mission aqueduct, Cañada Larga. The man is looking off to the right of the viewer, a tall hill is in the background.

Canada Larga, Mission Aqueduct
View of the San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct, Cañada Larga, bisected by a dirt road with wheel tracks. A hill rises up in the background.
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