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Thomas Paine Historical Figure
Thomas Paine wrote the 1776 pamphlet Common Sense that galvanized revolutionary sentiment and led to the Independence Movement and the writing of the Declaration of Independence. Paine had met Franklin in England, who invited him to come to America,…

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Erle Stanley Gardner at Desk
Portrait of Erle Stanley Gardner seated at his desk. He is holding some papers in his hand and looking to the left of the viewer with a serious expression. He wears a suit, tie, and glasses. His desk is full of papers, books, and writing implements…

Interior of a house, possibly library or study.

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Sheriff William H. Reilly
Sheriff William H. Reilly seated at a desk, body turned toward the camera with a pen in one hand and a piece of paper in the other. Caption at bottom of photo states: "Sheriff Will Reilly, Later prison warden at Folsom."

Ventura Savings Bank interior.

Bardsdale Post Office Interior
Interior of the Bardsdale Post Office, showing a desk and chair, filing cabinet, and mailboxes. Bardsdale Post Office is now located at Fillmore Historical Museum (2020).

Erle Stanley Gardner at Desk
Erle Stanley Gardner dictates into a machine at his desk.

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Bill Baker Portrait
Portrait of Bill Baker, seated, body not facing, but turned toward the viewer. Bill appears to be in his office; he is seated at a desk with papers on it. Bill wears a vest, tie, and cardigan.

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Santa Paula High School Group Photo, 1908-1909
Group photo taken of a large group of students sitting at their desks inside a classroom at Santa Paula High School. Students are facing the viewer. Most of the male students wear jackets and ties. Some teachers can be seen at the back of the class.
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