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Bean Threshing in Ventura County Postcard
Postcard captioned "7414 Bean Thrashing in Ventura Co. Cal." [sic] and showing the process of bean threshing on a farm. There are three carts with large spoked wheels, agricultural machinery with a flag, people working on the threshing, and draft…

Threshing Beans postcard
Men threshing lima beans on a field. Agricultural equipment and horses (?) are visible, as are men both working and facing the camera.
[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 13174]

Cutting and winnowing machine
Farm machine for cutting and winnowing bean in a field

Apricot Pitting Shed and Crew
An apricot pitting crew, a large group including men, women, and children, pose in front of an apricot pitting shed.

Sugar beets on conveyor belt
Sugar beets on a conveyor belt going into a sugar beet plant
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