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Gabriel Ruiz on Horse "Teddy" and Girl Friend
Outdoors photograph of Gabriel Ruiz sitting on top of a white horse named Teddy. He is in a Spanish dancer suit, smiling and looking down at his girlfriend, who is wearing a flats, a skirt, a multicolored striped sweater and a scarf. She is also…

Maria del Espíritu Ortega
Bust portrait of Maria del Espíritu Ortega, who later married Victor Ustasaustagui. She is leaning forward, looking to the right of the viewer. Her long sleeved dress has tassels adorning the neckline and she wears a light colored scarf.

Catherine Elizabeth Guiberson
Bust portrait of Catherine Elizabeth Guiberson. Appears to be an illustration. She is wearing a scarf around her head tied at her neck and small wire rimmed glasses, looking to the left of viewer. Catherine E. Guiberson was born 21 Nov. 1805.
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