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Shisaku Shimizu in the Takeda Family Store
This image shows Shisaku Shimizu standing inside the Takeda Family Store. Shimizu was a family member who worked in the store. He is buried in the Japanese Cemetery in Oxnard.
Takeda Family Store, 107 1/2 East 7th Street, Oxnard, California.

Shingoro Takasuki Inside the Asahi Market
This image shows Singoro Takasuki, proprietor of the Asahi Market, standing inside the store. Advertising signage from the period can be seen on the walls in the background. In the foreground grocery carts, a scale, and sales counter are visible.…

Grocery Store, J. P. Browne
Interior view of J. P. Browne's [possibly spelled Brown] grocery store in Santa Paula. One woman, two men, and a baby are pictured. The man to the right of the photo closer to foreground is J. P. Browne. Browne sold the store in 1906.
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