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Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory
This image shows a daylight exterior photo of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory. Garden in foreground.

American Sugar Beet Company Panorama
Sepia toned panorama of "American Sugar Beet Company,
Oxnard, California" "Photo # 685 SU Bunnell, 45 Stevenson Ave., Pasadena, California." Panorama includes buildings, landscaping, railroad tracks. Photograph taken from beet dump platform looking…

American Crystal Sugar Company postcard
Exterior of the American Crystal Sugar Company factory in Oxnard (labeled "American Crystal Sugar Co." in white on postcard). A smaller building in front of the factory bears a sign saying "No Admittance" and something else that is too small to read.…

Beet sugar factory, Oxnard, California.

Oxnard Sugar Factory looking west of north side.

American Beet Sugar Factory in Oxnard, California.

Sugar beet factory
"Anniversary" Sugar Factory. Panoramic view showing exterior of the Oxnard factory in background to the left, gardens next to factory on right of photograph

Major Driffel and Joe Sailor
Major Driffel and Joe Sailor stand along side the millionth bag of sugar at the American Beet Sugar company in Oxnard. There are bags of sugar stacked from floor to ceiling behind them.

Making Sugar Sacks in the Oxnard Sugar Factory
Mounted photograph of factory workers making sugar sacks at the Oxnard Sugar Factory. Three men wearing aprons are in large room with tables of what appear to be cloth sacks. Cloth is also hanging from the rafters in some places.
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