Keene Reel 4, Hunting and Trapping



Keene Reel 4, Hunting and Trapping


2021-1.4 AV (Keene Reel 4)
2021-1.12 AV (Keene Reel 12)


Herman Keene Collection, 2021
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Accession No.: 2021-1


Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, of hunting, trapping, horses, wild animals, and wilderness. Two reels available of same footage. Reel 12 missing final scene of mountain lion in trap.

Keene posing with taxidermized animals; Keene packing car with boxes and blankets; Car driving along very rough dirt road on side of steep hill; Keene moving boulders and shoveling hillside, possibly clearing road; Car arrives at cabin is greeted by horse; Two men with four horses ascend steep hill, ride through pine trees; Animal tracks; Man setting up metal animal trap, burying it in ground; Mountain lion caught in trap; Man carrying dead mountain lion out of the woods; Deer walking in clearing; Coyote in trap; Man walking along trail with horses; Man feeding horse in trough at cabin; Man inspecting trees for animal marks; Men walking down hill to overturned car; Parade footage of marching band that appears to be military, float with four taxidermized mountain lions; Man with two horses riding in wilderness; Badger backing away from camera and running away; Dead mountain lion under tree, man pulling mountain lion out from under tree; Loading body of lion onto horse; Man riding horse followed by 5 pack horses; Man leading pack horse through snowy woods; Man shooting mountain lion at close range; Snowy scene with cabin, smoking chimney; Man loading horse with boxes; Man shooting gun; Man posing with dead wild boar; Man shooting bear at close range; Mountain lion in net being given water; Birds flying; Footage of sheer cliffs; Birds flying; Keene posing with taxidermized condor; Dirt road; Stream bed; Brush and dead mountain lion under brush; Dead mountain lion in clearing with deer carcass; Two men examining animal bones; Injured snake on ground; One snake eating another snake; Man taunting snake with boot; Snakebitten hand; Man examining ground; Two men with two horses behind them, talking, one man is bowlegged; Bowlegged man walking across open space; Mountain lion in trap.




No date


Black and White Film
Home Movie
14 min., 38 sec.


Animal carcasses
Mountain life
Keene, Herman, 1878-1965


Ventura County (Calif.)


Museum of Ventura County


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Original Format

16mm film reel


14:38 at 18 fps


Unknown, “Keene Reel 4, Hunting and Trapping,” Research Library at The Museum of Ventura County, accessed June 15, 2024,