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Cover to C.F. Lummis' Photo Album
Image shows the cover art to Charles Fletcher Lummis' photo album of Rancho Camulos photographs. Depicted on the cover is art of a Catholic rosary, a side portrait of a woman, a photograph of a building, and art of two sunflowers. The title reads…

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Message Inscribed Inside Book Cover
View of the inside of a book cover with a message written. The message reads "Susanita Del Valle, with the best wishes of Chas F. Lummis Feb. 3, 1888"

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Double Sided Letter Page with Poems A
Image depicts two sides of a page of paper, each side containing a poem. On the recto, poem titled is "A Santa Susanita." It is a four-verse poem about the author's feelings for Saint Susana. On the verso, an untitled two-verse poem which speaks…
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