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Santa Paula School
Oval portrait of students in front of Santa Paula School, which appears to be a one-room school building. J. B. Alvord, teacher. All the boys appear to be wearing hats and the girls are in long dresses. A person is standing in the doorway and there…

Exterior view of Mill School, which appears to be one-room schoolhouse with a bell tower. Steps lead up to double doors, one of which is open. A fence can be seen in the background running behind the school. Writing on photo: "To Lillian Kingston…

Matilija School House
Exterior view of the Matilija School House. School is a small, one room building with steps leading to its door. A tree grows by the front of the school. Other trees a visible in the background.

Library records include note: "Auntie Blanche's 1st…
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