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Map of Drainage for Lot Number 41, Tract 1703-1, Ventura County
Map of drainage for Lot number 41, Tract 1703-1, Ventura County. Shows lot, patio, house, cone walk, driveway, and drain plan, with house outlined in bold. Separate figures show profile of water trap and landscaping.

Grading Sheet, Tract No. 1757, Camarillo (8 of 11)
Grading map for Tract No.1757 located in Camarillo, including Ripley Street, Calle La Sombra, Ponderosa Drive and Westpark Avenue. Pads 1 to 29, with dimensions, are shown. Topographic elevation lines are indicated. There is an information blockā€¦

Grading Map for Portion of Hilltop Drive, Ventura Developers Unit No. 1
Map showing grading details for a portion of Hilltop Drive in the vicinity of intersection with Foothill Road. The location of a 16 inch gas line as well as a 24 inch storm drain is shown. Elevations shown in lower portion of sheet. Revisionsā€¦
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