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Employees at Ventura Sportswear Factory
Group photo of women employees at Ventura Sportswear factory, 545 No. Ventura Ave. 1940s. The women are either sitting or standing at sewing machines in the center and right side of the image. On the left, boxes of clothing and/or fabric visible.

Employees at Work at Bill Baker's Bakery
Three men work at a large machine at Bill Baker's Ojai Bakery. The man on the left appears to be Bill Baker, then man in the center is unidentified, and the man on the right has "Pat Carsner" typed alongside him. The men wear white clothing, white…

Exterior Machinery at Oxnard Sugar Factory
Image taken from above and shows a machine located outside the Oxnard Sugar Factory. There is a man that is working near the machine using shovel or other agricultural tool. In the foreground a walkway and a streetlamp are visible.

Great Eastern Store
Interior view of Great Eastern Store showing two men and two women standing in the store. There are several glass display cases in the store and shelves line the walls. Store was located at the corner of Oak and Main Streets in Ventura, CA.

Inside the Inadomi Company Store
This image shows the interior of the Inadomi Company Store as seen from the street. There are several fruits and vegetables displayed for sale on market tables. An employee can be seen restocking a display.

Off-Loading Beets at the Oxnard Sugar Factory
Image shows a large wooden structure that looks like a storage area full of beets while three men off-load beets from a truck using a large net. The Oxnard Sugar Factory can be seen in the background.

Ventura County Jail Kitchen
Three men stand in the kitchen of the Ventura County Jail on Poli St. in Ventura, CA. They are wearing aprons and are probably staff members. There is a small dining table in the center of the kitchen.

Verso of photograph reads "This is the jail…

Ventura Sportswear Factory Interior
Women employees at Ventura Sportswear factory, 545 No. Ventura Ave. 1940s. The women are sitting at sewing machines, some looking at the viewer and smiling while others look at their work. Tables full of clothing and/or fabric in the foreground and…
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