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Images in this collection represent various people, places, and subjects pertaining to Ventura County.

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William A. Free
Subject is turned slightly towards the right. He is holding open a law book and sitting in front of the law library. "He was appointed Judge of Superior Court April 4. 1949. He was defeated in the 1950 general election."

Charles F. Blackstock
Hon. Charles F. Blackstock in Judges Robe, he was appointed as Judge of the Superior Court on May 21, 1946. He retired November 1, 1959. Judge Blackstock is holding a open law book and is sitting in front of the law library. Charles F. Blackstock…

Louis C. Drapeau
He was appointed to the Superior Court on October 1, 1937, August 30, 1935, and May 16, 1944.

In March of 1949, he was appointed to the Appellate Court. Judge Drapeau was a past Grand Master of Masons in California in 1919. Judge Drapeau was the…

San Buenaventura
1936 aerial view of San Buenaventura

Aerial view of Ventura Marina
Ventura Marina post flood; being rebuilt. Looking eastward from the ocean.

Two Women Having Fun Early 1900's
"Eloquent pleading on the beach on a Sunday afternoon in Ventura." Two women at the beach--one is on her right knee looking up and the other is holding an umbrella and a book. Both of them are smiling at each other. Photo has a crease diagonally…

H.P Flint Jr.
H.P Flint in uniform looking at the camera, there are multiple civilians dressed up behind him.

James Crothers and his horse
James Crothers looking at the camera while holding reigns of his horse that is leading a wagon. He is standing in front of Seaside Oil Company and the White Garage.

Jose DeArnaz
A head shot of Jose DeArnaz, he is wearing a suit and tie

Henry Lewis
A head shot of Henry Lewis, he is wearing a collard shirt and a blazer

William Quinlan
William Quinlan standing on a Ventura Transfer Wagon that is led by two horses. They are in front of the Ventura Abstract Co.

Captain Robert Sudden
Head shot of Captain Robert Sudden, he is wearing a suit and a bow tie

Robert C. Sudden
Robert C. Sudden's head shot, he is wearing a suit and tie and looking to the viewer's left

Group photo in front of courthouse
The largest haul of contraband on the Pacific coast. 65 drums of 196 proof alcohol taken by Sheriff R.E Clark and deputies at foot of the Arnold Road between Hueneme and Pt- Mugu on October 1, 1925. Turned over to the U.S. Customs Department on…

Bank of Ventura
Pictured: Mr. Foster, Mr. Bernheim, Mr. Walker, and Mr. Chaffee

Santa Paula Minstrel Troupe
Pictured: W. Robertson, H.H Hackett, E. Alcorn, Geo. Wilson, O.R. Titus, James Rae, Fred Fernald, Paul Haugh, Eugene Kohler, J. Anderson, Bob Clark, and L. Grimes

County Hospital
County hospital - a portion of T.B. ward is visible at lower left corner

Charles Donlon
Charles Donlon is wearing a suit and is looking to the viewer's left

Ventura, Aerial view
Aerial View of Five Points Park, Ventura California

Clark Gable with Lion Cubs
Full portrait of Clark Gable holding two lion cubs.

Marguerite Welton Holding a Fish
3\4 Portrait of Marguerite Welton holding a fish, taken in Pt. Mugu

Edwin Pinkerton Perched on Plane Wing
Edwin Pinkerton perched on wing looking towards viewers left.

Faulkner Red Barn
Faulkner red barn shortly after it was built. Elmer Outland with two children, workers, carpenter, and 4 horses pulling a wagon pictured.

Santa Paula Ord & Haselton team Champion of Ventura County
Group photo of a group of men on a baseball team wearing baseball uniforms with two men on the sides not wearing uniforms

Seaside Park
The west end of Seaside Park
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