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Arnulfo Sanchez in Sespe Canyon
Arnulfo Sanchez, a young man, stands next to an automobile with one foot on the car's side step. He is looking at the viewer and a dirt road leading into a wooded area is in the background. He is in Sespe Canyon.

Sanchez Family Ready for Camping
Exterior view of the Sanchez family car with members of the family in it, ready for camping in the Sierras. A large bundle is tied to the front side of the car, probably camping gear.

Ruth Sanchez with Infant
Ruth Sanchez holds a baby, possibly Alberto, at Ventura Street house under an arbor. Arbor was built by Abundio Sanchez. Ruth and baby face and look at the viewer.

Antonio and Juana Guerrero
Full portrait of Antonio and Juana (Sandoval) Guerrero standing outdoors. Antonio wears a suit and tie and is carrying a trophy. Juana wears a white lacey dress with an elaborate headpiece and veil. Juana has an arm around Antonio's shoulders.

Sanchez Family Home
Exterior view of the Sanchez Family home, a single story structure with a porch and climbing plants. The home was formerly the Franklin Dewey home; address 326 Santa Clara Street (corner of Santa Clara and Clay Streets) in Fillmore.

Parade Float, Fillmore May Festival
Parade float carrying three children for the annual Fillmore May Festival in 1928. The float has a large ball and one girl sits on the ball while two older children, a girl and a boy, stand on either side of the ball. There are flags adorning the…

Manuel Lucero
Outdoor, full portrait of Don Manuel Lucero, band conductor for the Fillmore Citrus Association Mexican Band. He is wearing a suit and bowtie looking at the viewer.

Banda Mexicana in Parade
Banda Mexicana in a parade performance for the annual Fillmore May Festival in 1928. The band is marching past Roy's Garage.

Concha Guerrero Portrait
Full portrait of Concha Guerrero standing outdoors, leaning against a post with a house and parked car in the background. Concha is looking off to the right of the viewer and is wearing a knee length dress or coat with fur collar and sleeve trim.

Concha Guerrero and Juana Sandoval
Full portrait of two women, Concha Guerrero, left, and Juana Sandoval, standing outside. Concha is wearing a broad-brimmed floppy hat, dress, and pumps; Juana wears a cloche hat, dress, and pumps.

House of Abundio Sanchez and Family
Exterior view of the Abundio Sanchez family home on the corner of Clay Street and Ventura Street in Fillmore. The home is a two-story wooden structure with stairs on one exterior side of the house leading to the second floor. The house was said by…

Dolores Nieves Sanchez on Bridge
Full portrait of Dolores N. Sanchez on railroad trestle bridge out outside of Fillmore. He appears to be walking; he is facing the viewer.

Group Portrait of Guerrero, Sanchez, and Rivas Children
Outdoor portrait of seven children standing side by side in a yard between two houses. The children are (l-r): Concha Guerrero, Lupe Sanchez, Josie Guerrero, Tony Rivas, Refugio Sanchez, Martina Rivas, Maria Sanchez.

Portrait of Three Children and a Baby
Three children pose for a portrait outdoors. They are (l-r): Tony Rivas, Maria Sanchez, and Martina Rivas. Maria is sitting, holding a baby in her lap; name of baby not provided.

Katie and Dominic Pomatto
Full portrait of Katie (left) and Dominic Pomatto, outdoors on the Pomatto Family walnut ranch. A large tree is behind the couple, and they both look at the viewer.

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Portrait of Four Girls
Four girls in dresses and stockings pose for a full group portrait outdoors, outside of a wooden building. The girls are (l-r): Dominga Sanchez, Josie Guerrero, Martina Rivas, Maria Sanchez.

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Pomatto Family Portrait
Outdoor portrait of the Pomatto Family at their ranch in Goleta. The family of four is standing outside, a large tree behind them. Their is one older man, an older woman, a young woman (Katie Pomatto), and a young man (Dominic Pomatto). All are…

Sanchez and Saucedo Children at Pomatto Ranch
Outdoor portrait of six children standing near a fence outside of a farm building at Pomatto Ranch, where they went to pick walnuts. One of the girls is sitting on a railing. The children are (in no known order): Dolores "Baby" Sanchez, Lupe Sanchez,…

Rivas Family Portrait
Full portrait of the family of Manuel Rivas and Nicanor Sanchez Rivas. Their children are daughter Martina, age 1, standing on a chair, and baby Antonio, sitting in Nicanor's lap. Manuel wears a suit, tie, and hat; Nicanor wears a broad-brimmed hat…

Dolores Nieves Sanchez
Full portrait of Dolores Nieves Sanchez, a young man in his teens or early 20s. He is wearing a suit and tie, leans one arm on a rectangular column and holds his hat in his hand. He is looking at the viewer.

Maria Sanchez as a Girl
Full portrait of Maria Sanchez (Mary Sanchez Rios) at about age 3. Maria is standing on a chair, wearing a light colored dress and a large white bow in her loose, chin length hair. She is looking at the viewer.

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Arnulfo Sanchez as a Boy with Dog
Full portrait of a boy, Arnulfo Sanchez, standing next to his dog, Dick. Arnulfo wears a belted coat, knickers, log socks, and a hat. Dick is a small, light colored dog with a collar and is seated on a chair.

Ed Canet Branding Steers
Ed Canet branding steers, while other men watch. One steer is on the ground mid-branding. Man in foreground is Nicholas "Viejo" Olivas, son of original owner of Old Adobe.

Branding a Calf
Group photo of men surrounding a calf on the ground that is being branded with a branding iron by one of the men.

Ventura Airpark
Black and white photograph with writing printed on the photograph. Image is an aerial view of the Ventura Airpark with beach in foreground and mountains in background. Printing reads "Fly with the Flying Red Horse" along with a Pegasus logo, and…
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