Keene Reel 19, Hunting and Trapping, Animals, and Animal Carcass Footage


Keene Reel 19, Hunting and Trapping, Animals, and Animal Carcass Footage


2021-1.19 AV (Keene Reel 19)


Herman Keene Collection, 2021
Funding support for the digitization of this material was generously provided by The Schwemm Family Foundation.
Accession No.: 2021-1


Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, mainly of hunting and trapping, animal carcasses, captive wild animals, and mountain scenes.

Keene outside of a cabin covered in skins; High cliffs; Keene examines the leg of a horse with a mountain lion carcass on its back; Keene walks into a cabin on a snowy day; Keene walks with an animal trap under one arm; Snakes in a trap (footage upside down); Snakes in enclosure; Mountain scenery; Man leading horse with a load on its back up a mountain; Forest scenery; A mountain lion carcass hangs upside down with arrows in its side while Keene looks at it; A horse with mountain lion carcass on back; Two snakes in a trap; A bobcat and a jaguar in separate cages with a rodent running around that the jaguar catches; Keene and another man lead horses; Keene posing with flat dead condor; Deer carcasses; Woodpeckers mounted outdoors on a tree; Taxidermized birds set up on ground; Keene catching a snake; Rattlesnake closeup; Taxidermized mountain lion on lawn; Three African lions in cage with trainer (Goebel's); Keene removing dead condor from bag; Mountain lion running away; Kittens and cats; Mountain scenery and Keene leading horses through wilderness; Men examine mountain lion carcass; Men rolling a large basket up a hill behind a man on horseback; Two men examine a mountain lion carcass with arrows in its side hanging upside down from a tree; African lions perform in a cage with trainer (Goebel's); Exterior shot of a structure in a field; Group of men petting and feeding deer; Two men talk next to a car and two horses; Cat running; Group of people in tent at campground; Snake being poked with stick (video upside down); Keene holding a snake upside down; Men sitting next to a cabin; Keene holds snake to the ground and makes cutting motions under its jaw; Man arrives on a farm with a horse-drawn cart; Campground scene near a waterfall with wild boar hanging from tree; Men on horseback leading horses; Keene trapping snakes; Rattlesnake with rope tied around it.




No date


Black and White Film
Home Movie
13 min., 29 sec.


Hides and skins
Animal carcasses
Mountain life
Captive wild animals
Keene, Herman, 1878-1965


Ventura County (Calif.)
Thousand Oaks (Calif.)


Museum of Ventura County


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Original Format

16mm film reel


13:29 at 18 fps


Unknown, “Keene Reel 19, Hunting and Trapping, Animals, and Animal Carcass Footage,” Research Library at The Museum of Ventura County, accessed June 18, 2024,