Keene Reel 15, Wilderness Scenes, Snowy Weather, African Lions, and Hunting Footage


Keene Reel 15, Wilderness Scenes, Snowy Weather, African Lions, and Hunting Footage


2021-1.15 AV (Keene Reel 15)


Herman Keene Collection, 2021
Funding support for the digitization of this material was generously provided by The Schwemm Family Foundation.
Accession No.: 2021-1


Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, of backcountry, wilderness, snowy weather, captive African lions, hunting and trapping of animals.

Child playing in yard with dog and cat; Trees and large rocks; Two people outside of structure in woods, very dark footage, reading paper; Horse walking through stream and walking along path on steep rocky hill; Cat running through yard of cabin in snowy weather; Backcountry, group of men in hats carrying covered stretcher or backboard that appears to have a body on it, placing the body on horseback; Group of turkeys in clearing behind fence; Keene holding chained African lion by chest/under its front legs and swinging it side to side; Keene beating African lion with chain; Man feeding African lion cub with bottle; Man and horse walking through snowy woods; Car driving along snowy road; Man outside canvas building rolling a cigarette; Man entering log cabin with shake roof; Man riding white horse out of brush, meeting another man leading a horse (bowlegged man from 2021-1.4), smoking pipes; Rattlesnake upside down in water, appearing to struggle; Man and horse in snowy woods; Man cooking on campfire; Upside down footage of chipmunk; Man carrying dead mountain lion in woods; Man looking through low brush; Horse outside cabin; Water under bridge, bridge missing parts, possibly destroyed, man in barrel hanging from cable navigates across gap between bank and bridge piling; Duplicate footage of Keene arriving to house with woman and two children; Two men shaking hands outside building; Icicles; Man leads horse to wooden drinking trough in woods; Sign on tree that reads "Santa Barbara National Forest, Henderson Trail, Frazier Mt Long Dave, Lockwood Valley - Lebec, Tejon Ranger Stations, Sespe Via Alder Creek"; Man leading horse through woods, using axe on downed tree; Bobcat in trap; Animal running away through woods; Paw prints in sand, dry dirt; Mountain lion in net being given water or milk (duplicate of 2021-1.1); Men on street pulling dead mountain lion in net out of back of car; Dead boar; Man and pack horses walking on trail through trees and large boulders; Man walking with pack horse past rock cabin with shake roof; Sailboat in cove; Backcountry; Man holding snake.




No date


Black and White Film
Home Movie
10 min., 2 sec.


Sespe Wilderness (Calif.)
Mountain life
Animal carcasses
Captive wild animals
Santa Barbara Forest Reserve


Ventura County (Calif.)
Ojai (Calif.)
Santa Barbara County (Calif.)


Museum of Ventura County


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Original Format

16mm film reel


10:02 at 18 fps


Unknown, “Keene Reel 15, Wilderness Scenes, Snowy Weather, African Lions, and Hunting Footage,” Research Library at The Museum of Ventura County, accessed June 15, 2024,