Brewster Photography


Brewster Photography


This collection represents photographs by John Calvin Brewster, first Ventura County resident photographer during 1874–1909. This collection is not inclusive of all Brewster photographs in the Research Library and Archive's collection, as more images continue to be added here as they are digitized from the prints in the collection. The Glass Plate Negatives Collection also includes many Brewster images.



Collection Items

Main Street, Ventura, 1900
View of Main Street in Ventura looking east from Figueroa St. San Buenaventura Mission on the left and Peirano's Market to the right. "E. Anderson."

Court House
The court house was remodeled in 1900 and used in 1913 when the new building was competed.

Main & Oak Streets looking west
Photo of a view of Main and Oak street with buildings on either side

Mr. and Mrs. G Maulhardt
Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. G Maulhardt

Downtown Ventura
Early scene of Downtown Ventura

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cloyne
Wedding photo of Mr. and Mrs. Cloyne

Chinese bride and groom
Photo of a Chinese bride and groom

Albert Maulhardt
Portrait photo

Conejo Road
Taken on Conejo Road in car Hal Hammons

John Reppy Jr. Fred Leistikow of North Dakota and Ted Hallowell

Street view
Walter M. Jones house

Ventura street scene
Shows "Model T" cars on the street

"Dixon Theatre"

Street scene
Downtown Ventura shows "Model T" cars, horse, and buggy transportation

Anacapa Island
Frenchy's Cove

Santa Barbara Mission
Exterior view

Ventura Wharf
Horse and buggy pictured

Oak Street
Street view looking towards the ocean

Main Street between California and Oak Street

Jake Gries

Friend of Mrs. Thos. Bell
Portrait of a man

The Elopement Ramona Series
Two people, one woman on a white horse and a man standing next to her with a brown horse that is saddled; in front of two white barns.

Bowers, Rev. Dr. Stephen
"purchased FP in 1883 see Sheridan - Hist. of VC VOL I p263

4th of July Parade, Ventura, 1876
Main street looking west from Palm street. In the foreground is the Monumentals, he first volunteer fire brigade in Ventura

View of Santa Clara Street and Figueroa Street
View with SBV Mission and Anacapa Hotel in rear. Taken from VC Court House roof

Anacapa Hotel
Palm Street shown on East side.

Two horses and buggies at the curb.

Photograph is in the Ventura County Directory 1898-99 on page 27
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