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Sol N. Sheridan, Jr.
Full portrait of Sol Sheridan, standing with a walking stick in one hand and leaning/resting an arm on an upholstered, fringed chair. Sol is wearing a suit and looking to the left of the viewer. The image has the number "2200" written on it, as well…

Dolores Nieves Sanchez
Full portrait of Dolores Nieves Sanchez, a young man in his teens or early 20s. He is wearing a suit and tie, leans one arm on a rectangular column and holds his hat in his hand. He is looking at the viewer.

Dolores Nieves Sanchez on Bridge
Full portrait of Dolores N. Sanchez on railroad trestle bridge out outside of Fillmore. He appears to be walking; he is facing the viewer.

Fillmore Merchants Baseball Team
Group photo of the Fillmore Merchants Baseball Team--13 young men dressed in their uniforms pose for an outdoor photo in two rows, back row standing, front row crouching with a baseball bat "sculpture" in front of them. Spectators in the background.

Arnulfo Sanchez in Uniform Sitting on a Car
Arnulfo Sanchez, in his Army uniform, sits on the front bumper of a parked car in front of a house. He is looking at the viewer.

Arnulfo Sanchez in Uniform
Full portrait of Arnulfo Sanchez in his Army uniform, standing in front of a car in a driveway. A house is in the background. Arnulfo looks at the viewer.

Woody Ybarra
Group portrait of Woody Ybarra with two other young men. Woody, left, and another young man stand with one foot on the side step of a car, turning toward the camera and smiling at the viewer. Another man sits in the car facing to the right of the…

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Dolores Nieves Sanchez Portrait
Bust portrait of Dolores Nieves Sanchez, a young man wearing wearing a suit and tie looking directly at the viewer with a slight smile.

Erle Stanley Gardner and Judge Blackstock
Erle Stanley Gardner, left, and Judge Blackstock, right, stand in the outdoors behind some barbed wire fencing. They both hold rifles and look off to the left of the viewer.

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Point Hueneme Lighthouse and Moving Crew
A group of men and women pose for a portrait on and in front of a large truck. They are in front of the original Point Hueneme Lighthouse that is on a platform, ready to be moved. The lighthouse is a large two story home/structure with a wooden tower…

John Newby
Bust portrait of John Newby, a young man, looking to the right of the viewer. He wears a coat and tie.


Patterson Ranch Group Photo in Front of House
Outdoor group photo of men in front of a house at Patterson Ranch. The men all strike various poses in tall grass. One sits with a dog on his lap. The ten men are identified as:

Upper row (l-r): George Eastwood; William Gerkin; Jim Swanson; C. J.…

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Charles Kuhlman with Other Musicians
Group portrait that includes Charles Kuhlman, seated at right, and four other men. The other men are not identified. All the men wear suits and hold stringed instruments. A dog lays on the ground in front of the group. Photo taken in Bisbee, Arizona,…
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