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Ruth Sitting Atop a Boat<br />
<br />
View of a woman identified as Ruth sitting on top of a grounded boat along a beach. In the background of the image a large building can be seen as well as the surrounding mountains. To the right in the background people are visible standing along the…

Six Men in front of Helemano Pineapple Stand
Six young men eat pineapple in front of Helemano Pineapple Stand. Two kneel and four stand or lean against a station wagon with surfboards in the back. The men are in shorts and short-sleeved shirts. One is wearing a hat and one is wearing…

Staunton Family in Sierra Nevada A
Three photos depicting the Staunton family's visit to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Photo A: Peggy and C. C. Staunton stand together in front of a lake. Both wear Jodhpur pants and boots. Peggy wears a tank top and has a sweater or scarf tied over…

Wimpy and Herb Loading Surfboards on Cart
Shows George "Wimpy" Weston and Herb Case preparing their surfboards to haul at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The surfboards are positioned on a small wheeled cart. Wimpy is securing the surfboards with a length of rope. Herb is watching from nearby.…

Wimpy, Blake, and Herb at Puerto Vallarta
Shows George "Wimpy" Weston, Blake, and Herb Case standing on a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Wimpy is holding a surfboard. Blake and Herb are holding a surfboard between them. All three men are fully dressed. Sand dunes are visible behind them.

Woman Photographs Boulders in Joshua Tree National Park
The image shows a landscape of big boulders and desert vegetation. In front of the boulders there is a dirt road where a woman stands with a camera taking photographs of the landscape. To the left of the image there is an assortment of Joshua trees,…
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