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Abalones and Lobsters Caught at Puerto Vallarta
Shows lobsters and abalones arrange on a striped surfboard. Caught at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Photographer's shadow visible in lower left. A person's legs are visible in the upper center.

Wimpy and Herb Loading Surfboards on Cart
Shows George "Wimpy" Weston and Herb Case preparing their surfboards to haul at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The surfboards are positioned on a small wheeled cart. Wimpy is securing the surfboards with a length of rope. Herb is watching from nearby.…

Lounging on Puerto Vallarta Beach
Shows surfers George "Wimpy" Weston, Mac, John Larronde, Herb Chase, and a fifth unidentified man lounging on a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Catching Shellfish at Puerto Vallarta
Shows a surfer, possibly George "Wimpy" Weston" kneeling on his surfboard in the water at a Puerto Vallarta beach in Mexico. A cloth-wrapped bundle containing abalones and lobsters is at the head of his surfboard. He appears to have something on his…

Group Sitting on Puerto Vallarta Beach
Group photo of surfers, Hamilton "Ham" Hassinger, John Larronde, Chuck Spurgin, Pete Woodruff, and George "Wimpy" Weston on a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hassinger is laying on the sand, other four surfers are sitting. Larronde has a wooden…

Staunton Family in Sierra Nevada A
Three photos depicting the Staunton family's visit to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Photo A: Peggy and C. C. Staunton stand together in front of a lake. Both wear Jodhpur pants and boots. Peggy wears a tank top and has a sweater or scarf tied over…
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