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Bank of A. Levy Sideview from A Street, Oxnard
A Street in Oxnard looking south with 5th Street intersection visible. To the left of the image is the Bank of A. Levy. Building on the opposite corner to the bank is the Colonia Realty Company. 1930s style cars parked on the curb along A street.…

Bank of America Building, Oxnard
Original Bank of America building on A Street in Oxnard. It appears to be located on a corner. Cars are parked in front of building.

Hollywood by the Sea Street View
View showing the street leading to Hollywood by the Sea full of cars, both parked and mid drive. A Hollywood by the Sea sign can be seen on a building at right of the image, and another sign over the road also reading Hollywood by the Sea visible in…

Main Street Ventura, 1920
Main Street looking west from California Street, Ventura, CA. Several automobiles parked and in the street. Buildings and storefronts visible on both sides of Main Street. Utility poles dot the sidewalks along the street.

Main Street, Ventura postcard
A view looking east on Main Street. The street is lined with commercial brick buildings, some of which have canvas awnings. People are visible on the sidewalk as well as seated in their horse-drawn buggies. A bicycle is propped up against a curb. …

Main Street, Ventura CA Looking East
Street scene looking eastward on Main Street in Ventura, CA. Horse drawn carriages and wagons are stopped in front of businesses, one horse drawn carriage with two passengers moves along the middle of Main Street. There are paved sidewalks and…

Mercer's Garage
Mercer's Garage exterior front and side of building located on a corner. Two autos parked at curb in front and on side of garage. Streets in foreground and a utility pole is prominent on the street corner.

Oil Well and 5th Street
View of an oil well (rig) at Oxnard Field. 5th Street is visible in the photograph. Several cars can be seen driving on the street. Two images mounted on cardboard.

Oil Well Rig Along 5th Street in Oxnard
View of an oil well (rig) at Oxnard Field. 5th Street is visible in the photograph. Cars parked alongside the street. Two images mounted on cardboard.

Oil Well, Ventura Avenue Oil Field, 1979
View of an oil well on the Ventura Avenue Oil Field near a railroad crossing. Buildings and mountains in the background. Many telephone or utility poles visible.

Palm and Santa Clara Streets in Ventura, 1908
Intersection of Palm and Santa Clara Streets, showing many houses along Palm Street and some businesses. Businesses include Richardson's (?) Vulcanizing Works, a garage, and a hotel along Palm Street. Santa Clara Street sign visible on a pole on…

Palm Trees on Rincon Highway
Image shows a view of Rincon Highway as it winds arounds the coastline. The sides of the highway are dotted with palm trees and utility poles. According to library records the palms were "planted by Gird Percy 1916 for Ventura County." Mountain…

Plaza School, Ventura
A view of the Plaza School's Santa Clara Street facade. The school was located at Santa Clara and Fir Streets. It is a large wood frame structure with a tower on the southeast corner. There is an arched entry to a covered porch at the top of several…

Residence Section, Ventura, Cal. 1908 postcard
Image of a row of two story and two story and a half homes starting at an intersection, where one of the streets is possibly Main Street in Ventura, CA. There is a retaining wall in front of each home starting at the sidewalk. Miniature palm trees…

San Buenaventura Mission
Front side view of San Buenaventura Mission facing northeast, showing an empty lot on its western side. A brick wall runs in front of the mission and in front of the empty lot. A sidewalk and utility poles run along the front of the mission. Bottom…

St. Paul's Methodist Church in Oxnard
St. Paul's Methodist Church on the south east corner of C and 6th Streets in Oxnard. Image taken from across the street to show entire building, including entrance and large stained-glass windows on the side of the building. 1920's style car parked…

Standard Derricks Along Railroad Tracks
Standard derricks are lined up along railroad tracks at Rincon Field. Railroad tracks run from foreground through the center of image, derricks and small buildings on left, utility poles on the right, and mountains in the background.

Street Scene at Hollywood by the Sea
Bird's eye view showing the street at Hollywood by the Sea full of cars, both parked and mid drive. There are several buildings in the scene, including a recreation center and a bath house. Recreation center sign on right of image reads "sensibly…

Street Scene, Ventura, Cal. postcard
A view looking west on Main Street from the intersection with California Street. City Hall is on the northwest corner and a bank building is on the southwest corner. Pedestrians and horse buggies are visible in the street. The streets are unpaved.…

View along Rincon
View of a dirt road along the Rincon. Railroad tracks and utility poles visible. Coastline, ocean, and mountain range in background.

View of Hollywood by the Sea Beach
Bird's eye view of a busy beach scene at Hollywood by the Sea. Library notes indicate this was taken before 1935. Scene shows a road in the sand lined with utility poles running through the center of photo, water at left of image. Several houses and…
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