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Ventura County Courthouse Construction
The skeleton of concrete construction and scaffolding shown for the building of the new Ventura County courthouse on Poli and California Streets in Ventura.

San Buenaventura Mission Restoration
View of the exterior back of the San Buenaventura Mission during its restoration in 1928. Scaffolding and men working are visible. Some children are visible at bottom of image. Cars are parked in the bottom left of image.

Men Painting Hollywood by the Sea Sign
Two men on scaffolding hand paint a road sign for Hollywood by the Sea. Sign reads "Hollywood by the Sea Best of the Beaches Straight through Oxnard on 5th Street." Road sign features a woman in a swimsuit sitting on the beach. There is a car…

Ventura County Hospital TB Unit Construction
Panorama of a construction scene showing the building of the 100 bed Tuberculosis Unit to be added to the Ventura County Hospital. Construction workers are seen working on various sections of the building.
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