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Downtown Plaza in Oxnard
A panoramic view of the downtown plaza in Oxnard and surrounding streets. View shows Poggie's Drug Store, Oxnard Courier, Charles Rowe Livery & Feed Stable, Eagle Bathhouse, Oxnard Fire Station, L.B. Hdw & Impl. Co., Louis Brenneis Machine-Implement…

The Limoneira in Santa Paula
Limoneira Company in Santa Paula, California. A panorama of a lemon orchard and a large pool of water. A man stands by the water's edge.

Text in the bottom left corner reads, "One of the California Wonders / Limoneira - Santa Paula / A six…

Panorama of Port Hueneme Harbor
A panoramic view of Port Hueneme Harbor showing a portion of the beach and boats on the water.

St. Francis Dam Flood Near Bardsdale
Panorama of the landscape east of Bardsdale flooded by the St. Francis Dam Disaster. A farmhouse or barn is visible at the bottom of the panorama, on the edge of the flooded landscape.

Text in bottom right of photo reads, "Flooded Area East of…

Ventura Avenue Oil Field
A panoramic view of the Ventura Avenue oil field from a hill at Gosnell Bend.

View from Fairview Road in Ojai
A tinted panorama of the landscape seen from the top of Fairview Road in Ojai, California.

Photograph was found in the Ojai, California home of E.D. Libbey.
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