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Black Swans and Magnolia Blossoms Painting
Painting shows five black swans floating in a pond with vegetation all around them. In the foreground a type tall pond grass. In the background magnolia flowers blossom, somewhat shrouding one of the swans behind its branches.

Painting or drawing of street view of Mission San Buenaventura

Painting of a man canoeing, H. Simon.

Photograph of a landscape painting.

Painting of Adolfo Camarillo on Horseback
A photograph copy of a painting of Adolfo Camarillo riding a Camarillo White Horse.

Simi-Santa Susanna Fair Booth
Ventura County Fair Booth for Simi-Santa Susanna, circa 1917-1920, showing a display of fruits and vegetable nestled amongst two tall trees. There is also a panted backdrop of agricultural fields and farmland with mountains in the background.…
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