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Orange Grove in California, Near Ventura postcard
View of a path between orange groves with snowy (?) mountains in the background. Postcard is captioned "Orange Grove in California, Near Ventura" at the top. Duplicate of 22876 PC.
[Longshaw Card Co., Los Angeles, Calif., 85]

Orange Grove in California Near Ventura Postcard
View of a path between orange groves with snowy (?) mountains in the background. Postcard is captioned "Orange Grove in California, Near Ventura" at the top. Duplicate of 21874 PC.
[Longshaw Card Co., Los Angeles, California, 853]

The Placita Looking North
Image shows the small plaza in Rancho Camulos looking northward. View of curved hedges and trees. There are three buildings visible behind the plaza garden. Forested area and mountains visible in background.

The Placita Looking North
Image depicting the small plaza at Rancho Camulos looking northward. Shows the plaza and its garden from a birds-eye view. In the background four buildings are visible. Mountains are in the far background.

Building with Picket Fence
Image depicts a building with a white picket fence at Rancho Camulos. To the right of the building is a fence. Behind the fence is a line of trees. In the background are mountains and a cloud covering a mountain valley.

Entrance Road to Rancho Camulos
View of the main road that leads into Rancho Camulos. Footprints and wheel marks are imprinted on the unpaved road. A picket fence with trees planted behind it is to the left and right of the road creating a boundary. In the background are mountains.…

The Cross and Bells at Rancho Camulos A
Two images depicting different parts of Rancho Camulos. The first image shows the cross at the top of the south mountain at Rancho Camulos. The second image depicts the bells at Rancho Camulos. The bells in the background of the image hanging from a…

Orchard View at Rancho Camulos
View of an orchard at Rancho Camulos. View looks down a row of trees, a path of dirt is visible. In the background of the image the mountains that surround Rancho Camulos are visible.

Bird's Eye View of Oxnard Plain from Camarillo Heights
Scenic view of the Oxnard Plain looking south from Camarillo Heights. Mainly agricultural fields in view along with a few scattered houses. Mountain rain spans across the middle of the image, with clouds making up the top half of image.

Two men fishing at Matilija Creek
Two men fishing at Matilija Creek

Las Casitas and vicinity.

Portion of Ventura Postcard
A semi-aerial shot of a residential area. A number of houses, most white with red roofs, are located around a park, now Plaza Park. The rows of houses are seen stretching back towards green mountains. A lumber yard is in the bottom right…

Ventura, Aerial View, 1933
Aerial view of Ventura, looking west from over the railroad near Brent. Coastline prominent on left side of image, mountains at top of image.

Senator Pete Wilson at Ceremony for Turning over Circle X Ranch to Santa Monica National Recreation Area
U.S. Senator Pete Wilson stands at a lectern addressing a group of spectators at a ceremony turning over Circle X Ranch at Malibu to Santa Monica National Recreation Area. Photo taken for the Ventura County Star Free Press 6 March 1989, published 7…

Jerk Line Team
Jerk line team of horses pulling three wagons with several people in the wagons. A man on horseback rides alongside the jerk line team. Mountains are visible in background and photographer's shadow is visible in foreground.

Bird's Eye View of Buena Ventura Postcard
An angled aerial view of downtown Ventura, with the Mission visible to the left of center. Most of the area is still green, but there are some large buildings scattered along the same road as the Mission. The ocean is visible off in the distance.…

Man leaning on either long handled farm implement or rifle, standing in front of house with picket fence. Mountains in the background.

Trees in foreground, orchard in middle ground, mountains in background.

River and hills with campsite.

Agricultural field near Ventura California, with hills in background.

Trees in river canyon.

Mountain Landscape with woman.

Group of people on shore or dry riverbed.

Valley dirt road with woman, child, and mountain backdrop.

People in mountain scene with shed in background.
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