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Leading Venturans Wearing Flu Masks
Group photo of 15 men and 1 boy standing in front of a building wearing flu masks over their faces. One man has his mask down and has a pipe in his mouth.

Ventura Volunteer Naval Militia
Ventura Volunteer Naval Militia, group photo, posed in front of Ventura Mill & Lumber Company.

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Main Street, 4th of July, Ventura
Main Street, Ventura, 4th of July-three cars with flags, a group of men and a dog are pictured in the street in front of some buildings.

Harry Bostwick, Jr. in military uniform
Harry Bostwick, Jr. (1908-1987) dressed in military uniform, standing on a beach.

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Stockyard with barns, cattle, and men.

Hispanic Man

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Group portrait of men.

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Man and women posed around watertank.

Work teams at ranch/farm.

Farm with trees, men and horses.

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Farm with a man and children in yard.

Large oak tree and man with orchard in background.

Ship Under Repair
Ship under repair on beach East of Ventura Pier. Pier or wharf is in background. Men are in the ship and standing around the ship.

Large live oak tree with several people and dog, with orchard in background.

Ventura Theatre Opening
View of crowds of men and women gathered in front of Ventura Theatre on Chestnut Street for its opening in August 1928. View is of theatre from across the street from a second story possibly. It appears to be the evening. Marquee section that is…

Group of Five in Front of Ventura County Historical Museum
A group of five people stand outdoors in front of the Ventura County Historical Museum, from left to right: Roy Bowds, Union Oil Co. ; Richard Esparza, Director Ventura County Historical Museum; Kay Haley, Board Ventura County Historical Museum; F.…

Stereoscopic view of an arroyo with a team of horses and workmen with shovels on the hillside.

Two men fishing in a canyon stream,

Two men in Devil's Canyon.

Portrait of a man.

Portrait of a man.

Man on Anacapa Island Beach

Portrait of a man, multiple images

Portrait of a man with dogs.

Portrait of a man

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