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Parade on Main Street in Downtown Ventura. Crowds line the street with procession down the middle. Storefronts.

Parade between Oak and California, looking West, Ventura. Procession of vehicles and riders on horses, buildings draped in flags.

Hobson's Market, 1907
Hobson's Market on Main St., Ventura. In picture. left to right, an unidentified employee, George (an employee), Walter Hoffman. Names "George" and "Walter Hoffman" are written in pen on photograph. Animal carcasses can be seen hanging in left…

Employee standing in Hobson's Market
A worker, "George" standing in Hobson's Market. Cuts of meat and other products are on display. Verso of photo reads: "George in Hobson's Market when we first came to Ventura in September 1912."

Parade on Main Street between Oak and California Streets, Ventura, California. [Note banner of the Native Sons of the Golden West]

Main Street Ventura river bridge.

Main Street Bridge construction

Ventura Main Street between California and Oak, looking west.

Photograph of Main Street, Ventura, California taken from the 1st National Bank building.

Main Street, Ventura, 1930
View of stores on Main Street in Ventura from the South side of the street between Palm and Oak Streets. Ventura Department Store and Chaffee's Shoes storefront signs are visible. Cars are parked in the street and people are visible on sidewalk.

Main Street 4th of July parade.

Mission San Buenaventura and Main Street, Ventura.

Street view of Ventura Post office on Main between Palm and Oak with flag-bearing automobile.

Couple with horse drawn cart on Main Street, bicycles, people, and Emporium in background.

Main Street Near Figueroa Street, Ventura, 1877
Men lined up along the sidewalk in front of businesses on Main Street near Figueroa Street in Ventura, south side. The Signal Newspaper office and Justice of the Peace Court were in these buildings. Typed writing near bottom left corner of photo…

Main Street, Rose Hotel and Courthouse from Main Street, Ventura.

Hotel De Leon on northwest corner of Chestnut and Main Streets, Ventura, California.


Presbyterian church located on the northeast corner of Oak and Main Streets; view looking northeast.

Ventura High School located at southeast corner of Ann and Main Streets, Ventura.

Poor image of Main Street railroad bridge.

City Hall, Ventura, Post Card
Post card with illustration of City Hall in Ventura on California Street.
[John R., Ventura, Cal. (Polychrome Co., San Francisco, Cal.)]

Union National Bank Drive-in Window postcard
View of the first drive-in teller's window in Ventura County. A line of cars are waiting next to the side of the building in the foreground.
[Roberts, Mike Studios, Berkeley, 4, Calif., SC151]

Hotel Ventura postcard
Bird's-eye view of the Hotel Ventura. Cars are parked on the street in front of the building. The building appears to have five stories, and it is on the street corner. Caption at top reads: "Hotel Ventura, Ventura, Cal." Caption at bottom reads:…

Maria Rafaela Francisca Romona Cota de Ruiz
Oval portrait bust of Maria Rafaela Francisca Romona Cota de Ruiz in a black Artistic Portraits frame. Born October 25 1838 in Santa Barbara; married 1859; died June 14, 1905.

Hotel De Leon, Ventura, Cal. postcard
A view looking west on Main Street showing the eastern and southern facades of the Hotel De Leon. The building is located on the northwest corner of Chestnut and Main Street in Ventura, Calif. Main Street is lined with palm trees and there are…
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