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Cross on the Hill
A large crowd gathers in front of the cross on the hill in present day (2022) Grant Park in Ventura. Men, women, and children are present, all wearing hats. Many people hold parasols. Museum notes refer to this being "Admission Day", the day the…

Ventura Auto Club, 1903
Ventura Auto Club in 1903, showing a group of four cars with drivers and passengers lined up in a row on a tree lined dirt road. Typed on front of card "all the cars in Ventura in 1903 excepting one owned by Will (?) and Frank Barnard. First a Ford…

Lopez Portrait
Full portrait of Lopez, builder of the Lopez Adobe on Matilija Ranch. He wears a sarape and hat and looks at the viewer.

According to library records: "oldest adobe in the county. Still standing on McCaleb Ranch on Matilija Rd. Juan Pico says he…

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Group Photo at Camp Bartlett
A group of men, women, and children pose for a group photo. They crouch or stand in about three rows. They are at Camp Bartlett, between Santa Paula and Ojai.

Joe Richardson
Full portrait of Joe Richardson, standing with both hands in his pockets, looking at the viewer. He is wearing a hat and a three-piece suit and tie. He stands in front of a lattice wall.

Arvella Vorbeck Leaning against Cannon
Arvella Vorbeck leans on a cannon, one arm resting on the cannon, in Plaza Park in Ventura. She looks at the viewer. She is wearing a cloche hat and gloves and a dark colored outfit and pumps. Park surroundings visible in background.

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Adrian G. Wood
Full portrait of Adrian G. Wood (Buddy Wood) outdoors. He has a pipe in his mouth and wears a bucket hat and bib overalls. He appears to be ready do put on a jacket, and he also has what appears to be a freshly caught fish in one hand. A car is in…

Wheeler's or Matilija Hot Springs
Women and men in regular clothing stand around the edges of a pool. A group of boys swims in the pool. Wooden walls/fences around the pool with numbered doors, possibly changing rooms. A sign on one of the wooden walls reads "Bathing Suits 25¢ Pay in…

Mrs. Sanborn Millinery
Exterior view of Mrs. Sanborn Millinery with two women standing in front of the shop on the sidewalk. On the left is Maude Daly and on the right is Mary Sanborn. Both women have long sleeved blouses and long skirts. Maude wears a hat. Both women…

Wedding of John Deidrich and Katie Sailer Group Photo
Group portrait of John Diedrich and Katie Sailer on the occasion of their wedding and their wedding party. Left to right: Joe Sailer (usher), Mary Diedrich (bridesmaid), Selma Brucker (maid of honor), William Deidrich (best man).

Clyde and Kitty Wykoff
Full portrait of Clyde Wykoff and Kitty Wykoff, standing in an orchard in Nordhoff. They were Ventura County pioneers.

Abigail Adams Historical Figure
Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams was known for her lively intelligence, for her wit and for her promotion of women’s rights. She read philosophy, poetry and politics. Abigail Adams was a great comfort to her husband as he shared his thoughts by…

George Washington Historical Figure
George Washington (c. 1775), received his early military training as an officer in the colonial militia and saw action in the French and Indian Wars. When the united colonies searched for a military leader, Washington was an easy choice. Named…

Benedict Arnold Historical Figure
Benedict Arnold distinguished himself as a military leader in the Revolutionary War, but became bitter when others were promoted ahead of him despite his exemplary record. As commander of West Point in 1780, he planned to betray the fort to the…

Dolley Madison Historical Figure
Raised as a Quaker, Dolly Paine left the sect to marry John Todd, was widowed, and then married James Madison in 1794. She was a gracious hostess at the White House for her husband and also President Jefferson. Legend credits Dolley Madison with…

Santa Paula Railroad Station
A group of men, women, and children gather around the railroad tracks at the Santa Paula Railroad Station. In the background are large crowds of people on the train platform.

Employees at Work at Bill Baker's Bakery
Three men work at a large machine at Bill Baker's Ojai Bakery. The man on the left appears to be Bill Baker, then man in the center is unidentified, and the man on the right has "Pat Carsner" typed alongside him. The men wear white clothing, white…

Three Fashionable Young Women
L-R: Dominga Sanchez, Mary Sanchez, and Concha Guerrero pose for an outdoor portrait on a sidewalk in front of a fenced yard. They are dressed fashionably in skirts or dresses and are all wearing open toed pumps. Dominga and Concha wear hats.

Young Women's Church Group, St. Francis of Assisi Parish
Outdoor group portrait of members of a young women's church group at St. Francis of Assisi Church. They young women pose with a priest in the middle of the group, and church in the background. All the women are dressed up in hats and dresses.


Concha Guerrero and Juana Sandoval
Full portrait of two women, Concha Guerrero, left, and Juana Sandoval, standing outside. Concha is wearing a broad-brimmed floppy hat, dress, and pumps; Juana wears a cloche hat, dress, and pumps.

Sol N. Sheridan Jr.
Portrait of Sol N. Sheridan Jr. as an older man. He is wearing a suit with a vest and hat. Sheridan is leaning on a wooden railing and looking directly at the viewer. He is front of a field of grass with what appear to be buildings in the background.…

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Golden West Days 1934, Library Staff Group Photo
Library staff in Ventura pose in costume for Golden West Days celebration, May 1934. They are outside on a lawn.

Back row (l-r): Pearl McDowell, Opal Elynn, Juanita Callender, Phyllis Raffeto (?), Dora Fossatti, Ana Jean Lewis, Louise Davis, Edna…

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Two Girls on Swing Portrait
Sepia toned indoor studio photograph of two girls in lovely dresses sitting on a swing, facing the camera. They link arms and hold onto the ropes of the swing. Straw hats lay in the foreground on hay covered ground. Pansy Augusta Brewster is girl on…

Peak Sisters Concert group photo
Group photo of ten women in white dunce hats. They all wear white or light colored shawls and some are sitting. Title on library records is "Peak Sisters Concert."

T. H. Warring
Full, seated portrait of Mr. T. H. Warring. He wears a suit and tie and sits facing the camera but gazing to the right of the viewer. He sits on an upholstered chair with his hat in hand.

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