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Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pfeiler's Golden Wedding
Bust portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Pfeiler for thier golden wedding anniversary. They are standing outside in front of a building with trees around them. She is wearing a dark dress with a white v-neck collar. He is wearing a dark suit and tie. They are…

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cloyne black and white
Wedding portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cloyne. He is seated, wearing a black suit and tie and looking directly at the viewer. She is standing with her arm leaning on his shoulder. She is wearing a black dress with white lace at the collar and…

Mr. and Mrs. Fagan
Full portrait of Mr. Fagan and Mrs. Marion Fagan. She is standing with her right arm leaning on his shoulder. She is wearing a dress with ruffles and is looking to the left of the viewer. He is seated in a dark suit and tie, with a light colored…

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pfeiler
Full portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pfeiler. She is standing with her left arm leaning on his shoulder. She is wearing a dark dress and is looking straight at the viewer. He is seated on a chair covered in a fur of some sort. He is wearing a dark…

Bust portrait of a couple, woman on left left and man on right in landscape orientation looking at the camera. "JR Silva" written on back of photo.


Family in a church (?)
Photograph of an family, dressed formally, perhaps inside of a church. The group includes 4 adult couples, 2 infants and a child.


Man and woman looking at Ventura Pier from beach
An unidentified man and woman on Ventura beach looking at the Ventura wharf, later Ventura Pier. Woman is in a long dress and hat, while man is wearing a suit and hat.

Portrait of a couple.


Stereoscopic portrait of Victor Ustasaustagui and his wife Maria del Espíritu Ortega.

Jacklin and Mary Willett sitting in an open car. Behind them is what appears to be a barn.

Portrait of a couple in their front yard.

A couple sitting on the beach.

Portrait of a couple.

Portrait of a couple.

Portrait of a couple.

Portrait of a couple on the beach.

Mr. and Mrs. De La Riva on Porch at Adobe
Mr. and Mrs. De La Riva on stand on the porch at Olivas Adobe. She stands in front of him and they are both looking at the camera.

Tono Kenmotsu and Frank Takasugi
Portrait of Tono Kenmotsu (age 21) and Frank Takasugi (age 26). They were married on December 7, 1917. Kenmotsu was a picture bride from Japan.


Yanaginuma Wedding Portrait
This image shows Mr. and Mrs. George S. Yanaginuma posing for their wedding portrait. Mrs. Yanaginuma came to Oxnard to live with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otsuki, who worked for Major Driffel, who was the foreman of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory.…

John and Dee Duarte De La Rosa
John and Dee Duarte De La Rosa pose for a photo standing on a sidewalk near parked cars. He is dressed in a suit and tie, and she is wearing a blouse and skirt outfit with a corsage. John has one arm around Dee's shoulders and another in his pocket.…

Wedding Portrait, Miguel Ortiz and Delphine Garibaldi
Bust portrait for wedding of Miguel Ortiz and Delphine Garibaldi, May 1941. He is in a suit and tie and she is in a polka dot dress. He is looking into the camera, and she is looking off to the left of camera.

Dolores Villa and Pedro Reyes Leaving on Honeymoon
Pedro Reyes and Dolores Villa Reyes leaving for their honeymoon on Catalina Island. The couple stands in front of an automobile with an open door and both are waving and smiling. They are dressed in wedding clothes.

Tokutaro and Masano Moriwaki
This is a full portrait of Tokutaro and Masano Moriwaki standing outside in a backyard or garden. He is wearing a suit and she is wearing a skirt suit.

Lewis Pfeiler and Caroline (Kaufman) Pfeiler
Outdoor photo of Lewis Pfeiler and Caroline (Kaufman) Pfeiler standing by their home. Mrs. Pfeiler is wearing a long dress and Mr. Pfeiler is in a three piece suit and tie. Steps to their home are to the left. Photo is mounted.


Wedding of Blanch Kohn
Blanche Kohn and her new husband are seen leaving a building post wedding ceremony (sign on building says community center). The bride and groom are smiling as small things are thrown at them (possibly rice?). Behind the bride and groom are Henry…
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