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Inadomi Sisters at May Day Parade
This image shows Iris and Kiyo Inadomi posing for a picture with a doll in a decorated stroller. They are dressed up in celebration of Oxnard's May Day Parade.

J. C. Brewster in Civil War Drama

J.C. Brewster and Mrs. Hall in Pirates of Penzance
Portrait of J.C. Brewster and Mrs. Hall in costume in front of a painted backdrop. They are dressed to perform in Gilbert and Sullivan's opera, Pirates of Penzance. Brewster has a worried look on his face and Mrs. Hall appears to be waving a finger…

Jo and James Madison with Jungleland Elephants, Jungleland, Thousand Oaks postcard
Jo and James Madison with Five Jungleland Elephants, Jungleland, Thousand Oaks. Jo is dressed in a blue-sequined costume with a feather headpiece. She is standing on the leg of an elephant and holding on to its studded harness. There are two other…

Jungleland Tiger Trainer and Tiger postcard
A tiger trainer, identified as Miss Mabel, stands next to a tiger that is seated on a white stool with a red star on it. Tiger trainer is wearing a yellow shiny costume with a white cape and white thigh high boots.
[Mirro-Krome by H.S. Crocker Co.,…


Large Group of Children in Costumes
Group photo of a large group of children all dressed in costumes. The children are standing in front of Washington School in Ventura, and most have big smiles. There are two teachers not in costume standing amongst them. It is unclear why they are in…

Librarians Dressed as "Books"
Snapshot of 7 librarians dressed in costume. They pose outdoor on a lawn. A dog on a leash also joins them. Photo title was originally "Library stunt-Books."

Librarians pictured are (l-r): Dora Fossatti as "Hans Brinker"; Regina ____ as "Art in…

Men in Cowboy Costumes
Pedro Soto, left, and Juan Salas dressed as old-time cowboys. The backdrop appears to be a saloon. The men face each other and each one has an arm resting on the "bar."

Miss Perkins as Columbia
Studio portrait of a woman dressed as "Columbia on States Float, July 4th Parade, 1876." The woman is identified as Miss Perkins. There is a backdrop of a fireplace behind her. She wears a crown, a cloak with a long train, and a scepter.

Museum of Ventura County Employees in Costumes
Outdoor glossy photograph of Museum of Ventura County employees. All are wearing colorful costumes probably for upcoming event. One of the women (in a grass skirt in the middle) holds a two-headed lamb belonging to the museum's collection. [Two…


Portrait of a woman in costume

Portrait of a group of teenagers in costume.

Production of Robin Hood
Group photo of several children performing a production of Robin Hood outdoors under a large tree at the Ojai Valley School.

Spanish Dancers
Outside group photograph of Spanish dancers dressed in traditional suits and gowns. Gabriel Ruiz is standing and smiling on the far right of the picture. Trees, grass, bushes and flowers are all visible in the background.

Ventura Court House employees
Ventura Court House employees dressed up for "Ventura's Golden Day" celebration or the "Stampede." Verso of photo reads May 27, 1933 - (Saturday morning). Courthouse is in background.

Ventura High School Players
Ventura High School Players, actors dressed up for a Dickens play possibly, group portrait. Photo has numbers written on it, and actors are identified from left to right:
Harry Cooke, Agnes Selby, Grace Bean, Josie Livingstone, Tustin Nicoles, Ruth…

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Young Women Dressed for a Costume Party
Refugio (Ruth) Sanchez, Concha Guerrero, Dominga Sanchez, and Maria (Mary) Sanchez pose outdoors for a group photo. They are dressed for a costume party.

Young Women in Costume
Outdoor group portrait of young women dressed in costumes (various ethnicities, nationalities, and time periods seem represented) with a few men in the group. The women are atop a brick retaining wall and there are chairs and a lawn in the…
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