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Ventura County Coastal Area Aerial Photo
Vertical aerial photograph showing the downtown Ventura area. The Pacific Ocean is on the left side of the photograph. The Ventura Pier, a sports field, Main Street, and Ventura Avenue are all visible. Photo 2 of a group of 36 photos.


Ventura County Coastal Area Aerial Photo
Vertical aerial photograph showing the downtown Ventura area. The Pacific Ocean is on the left side of the photograph. The Ventura Pier, a sports field, Main Street, and Ventura Avenue are all visible. 1 photo of a group of 36 photos.


Aerial View of U.S. Route 101 in Downtown Ventura
Color aerial view of the downtown Ventura area, looking south. U.S. Route 101 is prominent in the image, running at a diagonal from the upper right corner to the center bottom of the image. Ventura Pier, Thompson Boulevard, Santa Clara Street, Main…

Ventura Beach
View of Ventura Beach with a rocky slope in the distance. Writing on the photo indicates that the image was taken prior to the coast freeway's construction. Upper left and lower right corners torn off.

Pier and Coastline view, San Buenaventura
A panoramic view of the Ventura pier and coastline, boardwalk, rail line, wooden buildings, a ship is in the ocean. There is a handwritten note in the top right corner "Photo made before --- fill --- of -- beach before --- of 1914"

Bird's Eye View of San Buenaventura, Cal 1877
Mounted photograph of map. Photo is black and white, original map is in color. Map is number M0230, available to view here. Shows view of Ventura in 1877, with a view "From the Bay, Looking North" as written along the bottom of the map. Ships, wharf,…

Canet House
View of houses adjacent to the coastline in Ventura. Canet house is on the right, other houses in the background on left. Coastline and beach in the foreground. Bottom of photo reads "Maison Canet Ventura sur mer."

Palm Trees on Rincon Highway
Image shows a view of Rincon Highway as it winds arounds the coastline. The sides of the highway are dotted with palm trees and utility poles. According to library records the palms were "planted by Gird Percy 1916 for Ventura County." Mountain…

View from Cross at Grant Park, Ventura
Bird's eye view of Ventura extending out to the pacific ocean taken from pathway in Grant Park near Serra's Cross. Cross is in the right foreground and the Ventura Pier is in the distant left. 3 copies of photos in library.

General View of Ventura, California postcard
Bird's eye view of Ventura taken from a hill, next to cacti. Buildings, trees, the coastline and the Channel Islands visible in the background. A street separates the buildings from the hill with the exception of one house located on the hillside. In…

Bird's-Eye View of Ventura, black and white postcard
Bird's eye view of Ventura, California. Many buildings and trees visible in the foreground. The Pacific Ocean and the coast are visible in the background. There are two postcards containing the same image. The first postcard is in black and white and…

View along Rincon
View of a dirt road along the Rincon. Railroad tracks and utility poles visible. Coastline, ocean, and mountain range in background.

Ventura County Beach near Sycamore Canyon
Ventura County near Sycamore Canyon. View of beach near Sycamore Canyon. Beach scene shows a rocky beach dotted with tents and people along Pacific Coast Highway with coastal mountains in background. Museum records indicate this is now a state beach…

Boat Docked at Mugu Lagoon
View of a boat docked at Mugu Lagoon at Point Mugu. In the background is a view of the coastal mountains ending at Mugu Rock on the right.

Ventura, Aerial View, 1933
Aerial view of Ventura, looking west from over the railroad near Brent. Coastline prominent on left side of image, mountains at top of image.

Aerial View of East Ventura from Hill and Telegraph Roads
Aerial view of East Ventura looking southwest from about Hill and Telegraph Roads. Buena High School is in center. Library records indicate image was taken before 1970.


Caution Signs on Wet Highway 101, 1926
Two caution signs on a wet Highway 101 after a storm. Highway adjacent to tall hill on one side, beach on the other. Two people visible on the beach. Photo has a white border around entire photo. Written on photo verso: "Dirt being replaced here on…

Port Hueneme Commercial Entrance Aerial Photo
Glossy aerial photo of entrance to Port Hueneme Commercial
Harbor. View extends out past the Port Hueneme Pier on one side and the Oxnard beaches on the other. Extensive mountain range from the coast inland also in view.

Channel Islands Harbor Aerial View
Aerial view of Channel Islands Harbor. Bridge (Channel Islands Blvd & Harbor Blvd) prominent in photo. Mouth and breakwater of Marina clearly visible.

Seascape showing waves lapping the shore of a beach. A shoreline wraps around the water in the distance. Mountains in the far distance. Sky is very cloudy, with some sunlight making it through.

Hueneme Wharf and Beach Scene
Bird's eye view of a very crowded wharf, beach, and boardwalk at Hueneme. Shore in foreground and houses in the background.

Coastline and Mugu Rock, 1923
View of the Ventura County coastline taken from construction zone at Mugu Rock. Close view of Mugu Rock on right side of the image. It is a north/northwest view of the beach in Mugu Lagoon area.

Overlooking Business Section, Ventura, California Postcard
Bird's eye view of Downtown Ventura looking out toward the pier and ocean. Top of postcard reads "Overlooking Business Section, Ventura, Calif."
[Longshaw Card Co., Los Angeles, California, V4]

Breakers, Ventura, California
Waves breaking on a rock-covered beach, titled "Breakers, Ventura, Cal." A two-story house with a large lawn, tree, and fence is visible, along with other smaller buildings in the distance.
[Brakey, John, Ventura, Cal. (Cardinell-Vincent Co., San…

Ventura and Ventura Harbor Aerial View
Aerial view of city of Ventura and the Ventura Harbor looking east from top of Kalorama Street. Taken before construction of the Ventura Keys in the 1960s.


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