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Bank of Ventura
Interior view of the Bank of Ventura. Four men are behind they counter. (L-R): Mr. Foster, Mr. Bernheim, Mr. Walker, and Mr. Chaffee. A lone chair sits in front of the curved counter.

Ventura County Hospital
Ventura County Hospital, a two-story white building. A portion of tuberculosis (TB) ward is visible at lower left corner.

Ventura County Court House, 1915
Street view of the Ventura County Court House. A man is sitting on a railing in front of the court house. An automobile is parked in front of the court house, in the lower right hand corner of the image. Museum records indicate that the Pioneer…

Making Sugar Snacks in the Oxnard Sugar Factory
Mounted photograph of factory workers making sugar snacks at the Oxnard Sugar Factory. Three men wearing aprons are in large room with tables of what appear to be cloth sacks. Cloth is also hanging from the rafters in some places.

First School and Pupils in Ventura
Group portrait of children and adults standing in front of a small building. The building is light colored with a darker roof. There is an open doorway and one window that can be seen. Approximately 18 children of various ages are standing in a line…

Chautauqua Building
Chatauqua Building in the Pierpont Bay District. There is a stage decorated with many American Flags of various sizes with a piano sitting in the corner. Rows of wooden seats are arranged on the floor.

Oak Street View
Birds eye view of Oak Street looking south. Buildings, houses and trees can be seen from above.

Street view of Ventura
First City Hall and the library built by the city of Ventura. Located on Main Street and California Street looking West on Main Street. Buildings can be seen on either side of the dirt road.

Ventura Independent Newspaper Building
The Ventura Independent newspaper building with three men standing in front. (Left to Right): L.F. Eastin, Editor; Grovy, and Eastin. The building has two signs that say Ventura Independent. The men are wearing shirts, ties and hats and are standing…

California Street facing pier
View facing south on California Street from the Court House. The pier is in the far distance and cars parked in front of businesses as well as in motion on the street are present. A woman with a can is crossing California Street.

House with outbuildings and family in yard.

Ventura Main Street between California and Oak, looking west.

Plaza School street scene.

Beach scene (image is badly damaged).



Photograph of Main Street, Ventura, California taken from the 1st National Bank building.

Construction of county courthouse in Poli Street.

Photograph of a large group.

Mission building and priest

Farm house in the midst of crops and trees, with mountains in the backdrop.

Dual image of Main Street and Hotel De Leon.

Farm with a man and children in yard.

Stereoscopic view of a bee farm with farm buildings.

Mendelsohn's Apiary in the Ventura foothills.

Stereoscopic view of Mission San Buenaventura and Ventura.
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