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Chamber of Oils and Mines Barbecue
Panoramic group photo of men standing at the Chamber of Oils and Mines Barbecue at Seaside Park, Ventura, California. Most of the men are wearing three piece suits and ties and are holding their hats in hand. A group of men on the right wear long…

Employees at Work at Bill Baker's Bakery
Three men work at a large machine at Bill Baker's Ojai Bakery. The man on the left appears to be Bill Baker, then man in the center is unidentified, and the man on the right has "Pat Carsner" typed alongside him. The men wear white clothing, white…

Interior of a bakery.

Juan Gonzalez Salas in Front of El Brillante Market
Full portrait of Juan Gonzalez Salas, standing on the sidewalk in front of El Brillante Market. He is wearing an apron and smiling or laughing into the camera.

Meyers' Bakery Interior View with Charles Meyers
Charles Meyers pours sugar into the huge mixing bowl of an electric mixer inside his bakery--Meyers' Bakery. He wears an apron and hat and bags of Crystal Sugar surround him on the floor.


Tomio Yeto in Doorway of His Store
Tomio Yeto stands in the doorway of his store in Saticoy, Yeto Market. The doors to the market are closes except for a small opening where Tomio stands. Tomio smiles at the viewer and wears a white apron. There is an address "1223" above where Tomio…

Ventura County Co-operative Association
Post card of Ventura County Co-operative Association in Piru. A group of people gather on the porch with a horse and wagon with a driver in front of building. Meat Market and Piru Post Office signs are visible.

Ventura County Jail Kitchen
Three men stand in the kitchen of the Ventura County Jail on Poli St. in Ventura, CA. They are wearing aprons and are probably staff members. There is a small dining table in the center of the kitchen.

Verso of photograph reads "This is the jail…
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