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Reproduction Cux
Replica of a Chumash feather headdress or cux; deerskin skull cap on a frame of twigs, with chinstraps made of milkweed cordage; bottom row is white turkey feathers, second row of medium length gray feather; top has a bundle or topknot of tall…

Chumash Basket
Coiled pedestal-base basket; foundation three-rod juncus, split juncus stitches, 12 stitches to one inch; reinforced rim, stitches completely cover foundation; tapered coil finish.

Digging Stick Weights
Black porous stone, circular with a hole in center.

Digging stick weight; made from natural unmodified cobble by pecking; biconically bored hole.

Steatite Pipes
Tubular, gray steatite pipe; one end tapers narrower than the other.

Some pipes found and taken from the Thurmond Ranch in Saticoy; one from Rincon area. Donated to the Museum.

Fishhooks and Net Weight
Barb section of a composite fishhook made of bone.

Mussel-shell fishhook; circular with parallel grooved shank; notch runs parallel to the length; rounded and deep on one face; found and taken from Rincon Point in the 1960s. Donated to the…

Shell Beads and Adornments
Triangular and trapezoidal abalone shell ornaments; one biconically drilled hole at each corner; some cross-hatching.

Bone Whistles
Whistle made from deer tibia with distal end broken off; proximal end has asphaltum over a hole, which shows the imprint of a shell that was once adhered there; found and taken from a cave in Northwest Ventura County. Donated to the Museum.


Projectile Points and Arrow Shaft Straightener
Straightener; single grooved, elliptical in shape with rounded upper surface, flat bottom.

Projectile points; found and taken from San Miguel Island. Donated to the Museum.

Mortar and Pestle with Cooking Bowl
A gray, coarse-grained steatite bowl; globular shape with rounded bottom; exterior is blackened from fire.

Stone mortar and pestle; rounded on one end; found and taken from Somis. Donated to the Museum.

Metate; round shape with surface…

Fifty Tons of Apricots Drying, N.B. Smith Ranch postcard
Closeup view of trays upon trays of apricots drying on the ground at N.B. Smith Ranch in Ventura, Calif. Buildings and an orchard in the background. In the far distance are mountains.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. (C.T. American Art), A-67989]

Ed Canet Branding Steers
Ed Canet branding steers, while other men watch. One steer is on the ground mid-branding. Man in foreground is Nicholas "Viejo" Olivas, son of original owner of Old Adobe.

Branding a Calf
Group photo of men surrounding a calf on the ground that is being branded with a branding iron by one of the men.

Ventura Airpark
Black and white photograph with writing printed on the photograph. Image is an aerial view of the Ventura Airpark with beach in foreground and mountains in background. Printing reads "Fly with the Flying Red Horse" along with a Pegasus logo, and…

Oil Rig Pump
Closeup view of oil rig pump, with hills lined with oil derricks in the distance.

Oil Rig Pump
Oil rig pump closeup view, with many oil derricks dotting the mountain or hill side behind it. May be from the Getty Oil Co., Ventura Field. Two images mounted on cardboard.

Hillside with Crawler Tractors
Image showing a bird's eye view of a steep hillside, with an oil derrick on top of the hill in the distance. Two tractors are on the hillside. Library records indicate: "Slide of Ventura Field Hartman Lease Slide Area, 1940s-1950s."

Scenic Photo of Terrain
Scenery of terrain that included rocky mountain or hill side in foreground along with a yucca plant growing out of the rocks. Valley dotted with shrubbery on the right and mountains in the background. Library records indicate it is most likely…

Truck and Oil Well
Glossy photo, close up of truck and oil rig [similar to 33844 OS]. "Getty Oil Co. Ventura Field". Library records indicate oil field may be part of the Hartman Lease.

Museum of Ventura County Employees in Costumes
Outdoor glossy photograph of Museum of Ventura County employees. All are wearing colorful costumes probably for upcoming event. One of the women (in a grass skirt in the middle) holds a two-headed lamb belonging to the museum's collection. [Two…


Pumpkins at Limoneira Ranch
Outdoor photograph of an extensive pumpkin patch at Limoneira Ranch, with a Victorian home and two red barns in the background.

Written on the back of the photo:
"This pleasing photograph captured by me, Dean Hobbs Blanchard, Ca. 1984, at the…


Large Group of Children in Costumes
Group photo of a large group of children all dressed in costumes. The children are standing in front of Washington School in Ventura, and most have big smiles. There are two teachers not in costume standing amongst them. It is unclear why they are in…

Group Photo in a Mass of Pumpkins
An unidentified group poses in a mass of pumpkins. Three women sit on pumpkins and each holds one pumpkin aloft in one hand. A man stands with a pipe in his mouth.

Clown on Santa Clara Street in Ventura
A clown in a striped and starred costume with a ruffled neck stands in front of his mule, who is also dressed festively. They stand on Santa Clara Street in Ventura with Plaza School in the background on the right of the image. Photo is from the…

Johanna Overby Picking Pumpkins
Johanna Overby in foreground of image, picks a large pumpkin from a pumpkin patch. In the background is the Benjamin Dudley home on Telegraph Road in Ventura.

Elephant and Ape Seated Together
Spencer Garrett (left) wears an elephant costume while Nancy Garrett (right) wears an ape costume. They are seated at a banquet table at a United Way fundraiser in Camarillo, Cal. There are many people in the background. Ventura County Star-Free…
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