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Snow-covered Yosemite National Park.

Yasuye Takasugi Portrait
This image shows an interior 3/4 length studio portrait of Yasuye Takasugi circa 1920.

Yasuye Takasugi Portrait
This image shows Yasuye Takasugi posing seated for an interior full portrait.

Yasuye Takasugi at the Asahi Market
This image shows Mrs. Yasuye Takasugi posing with her children in front of the Asahi Market. Nao Takasugi is the boy at the right of the frame.
Asahi Market, 660 Saviers Road, Oxnard, California

Yashiharu Inadomi and Friends on Beach
This image shows Yashiharu Inadomi posing for a picture with his friends John Otani and John Nichikawa. The name of the fourth individual is unknown.

Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi
This snapshot shows Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi posing for a friendly picture. The boys are dressed in bathing suits and they are standing in the center of four tire innertubes. The photo appears to be taken in a residential backyard. A wooden fence…

Yanaginuma Wedding Portrait
This image shows Mr. and Mrs. George S. Yanaginuma posing for their wedding portrait. Mrs. Yanaginuma came to Oxnard to live with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otsuki, who worked for Major Driffel, who was the foreman of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory.…

Yanaginuma Family Portrait, 1922
Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. George Yanaginuma seated with their young children: Peter, Kiyoshi, and Kiyomi. Interior group portrait.

Yamada Family Portrait
This image shows the Yamada family posing for an interior studio portrait. Mr. Yamada is seated. Full view group photo.

Wrecked steamer at Hueneme
The wrecked steamer "Yaquina" beached at Hueneme

Interior view of the Agriculture Museum with exhibit Wrapped with Care, an exhibit that displayed quilts made for households who lost their homes as a result of the 2017 Thomas Fire.

Full WWIIHuenemePanelLarissa StraussTimelineMVC.jpg
Image of mosaic commissioned by Museum Docent Council. Artistic representation of the a World War II scene at Hueneme.

Word War I grave near Belleau Woods
American grave near a roadside near Belleau Woods from Judge Henderson's collection.

World War I Draftees
Group portrait of WWI draftees (Ventura Liberty Boys), leaving for Camp Lewis, Washington, pose in front of Ventura County Court House. Some men are seated and some are standing. Most are wearing suits, ties, and hats.
Photograph of World War I veterans. 5th from the left front row is Edward Thomas Bell.

Workers on Norwegian Grade, Conejo Valley
Group photo of five men and boys working on Norwegian grade in Conejo Valley. Some are looking at the camera, and there is a horse with them.

Workers in Lima Bean Fields, Santa Paula
Sepia toned outdoor farming scene with men, threshing machinery, horses and wagons. Photograph is "rippled" from being glued to a backing. "Thermal Belt Thrashing Company operating in the Lima Bean fields near SantaPaula,Cal." "Photo#676 S.U.…

Workers at Saticoy Bean House
Group photo of workers at Saticoy Bean House. It is an interior shot taken midwork. L-R: Panfilo "Bombi" Garcia, Adon "Chicano" Macias (in hat), Angel Reyes, unidentified, Pedro "Pete" Reyes, unidentified. Sacks of lima beans being filled read:…

Worker driving a team of horses
Sam Rower driving a Patterson ranch team

Work teams at ranch/farm.

Woody Ybarra in Front of Fillmore High School
Full portrait of Woody Ybarra, son of Soledad Sanchez Ybarra, standing on the lawn in front of Fillmore High School. Woody is in uniform and standing with arms behind his back, smiling at the viewer. High school building visible in the background.

Woody Ybarra
Group portrait of Woody Ybarra with two other young men. Woody, left, and another young man stand with one foot on the side step of a car, turning toward the camera and smiling at the viewer. Another man sits in the car facing to the right of the…

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Cottage built in 1915 that housed the Women's Improvement Club of Hueneme and the Hueneme Library
Cottage built in 1915. Women's Improvement Club of Hueneme formed October 1909. Women's club room at right of doorway; Hueneme Library at left of doorway; tennis court in rear. Declared an Historical Site in 1972 by Ventura County Cultural Heritage…

VenturaCountyCommissionforWomen_WomensHistoryMonth2011 copy.jpg

Women on parade float
Women on the Tuesday Club's parade float for the 1900 street fair. Some of the women have been identified as Minnie Jones, Cora Sifford, Mrs. Orr, Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. Kauffman, and Mrs. Newby.
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