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Maria Rafaela Francisca Romona Cota de Ruiz
Oval portrait bust of Maria Rafaela Francisca Romona Cota de Ruiz in a black Artistic Portraits frame. Born October 25 1838 in Santa Barbara; married 1859; died June 14, 1905.

Ventura Eucalyptus Grove Co. Tract #1 Part of Sect. 25 of T4N - R19W map
Ventura Eucalyptus Grove Co. tract #1 part of sect. 25 of T4N - R19W
[Notes: Vicinity of Buckhorn, SW of Piru, Calif; J - 9, Automobile Club of Southern California, Map of Ventura County, ©2003]

St. Thomas of Villanova Preparatory School post card
Exterior view of St. Thomas of Villanova Preparatory School in Ojai.
[Albertype Co., Brooklyn, New York (Postcards of Quality)]

Soper's Ranch House and Service Station Postcard
A car is pulled up to a service station pump. Above it is a sign reading "Fredricksburg Beer" on the left half and "Soper's Ranch Cafe & Cottages" on the right. A shack sits to the right of the pumping station with a sign on top that says "Cottages…

Maricopa Highway, Ojai, California postcard
Bird's eye view of Maricopa Highway in Ojai.
[Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., The Finest American Made View Post Cards; Boardman's Rexall Drug Store, Ojai, California]

El Roblar Hotel postcard
View of Ojai Avenue in front of El Roblar Hotel, which is visible on the left hand side of the postcard. Post office building is on the right further down the street. Overhanging tree branches are at top of postcard.
[Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.,…

Ojai Avenue, Ojai, California 1930 postcard
Caption: "Ojai Avenue, Ojai California."
Street view of Ojai Avenue. Early 20th century automobiles are parked on both sides of the busy tree-lined street. One car drives away from the viewer. The vine covered Arcade sits to the left, and the United…

Ojai Valley Country Club postcard
Exterior view of the Ojai Valley Country Club, grass in foreground and mountains in the background. A flagpole is visible on the left.
[American Colortype, Chicago]


Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club Meeting at La Conchita del Mar
Beach scene crowded with cars, people walking and standing around, and motorcycles. Ocean is in the background. Meeting of the Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club in 1925.

Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club Hill Climb at La Conchita del Mar
Scene of a hill climb at a meeting of the Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club. Cars appear to be parked facing the camera in a field or beach. Beach is in the far background. A hill appears to be in foreground. A track appears to be drawn with two men…

Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club Hill Climb at La Conchita del Mar
Scene of the bottom run of a hill climb at a meeting of the Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club. Many cars are parked facing the bottom of a hill. Motorcyclists are at the bottom of the hill with many spectators standing around. Beach is in the far…

Preparing for Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club Hill Climb
Scene at meeting of the Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club at La Conchita del Mar showing men standing and sitting around vehicles and motorcycles at the base of a hill, preparing for a hill climb on their motorcycles.

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Motorcycle and Rider, Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club Hill Run
Rider on his motorcycle headed up a hill during a hill run at meeting of the Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club.

A screenshot of the COVID-19 emergency alert sent at 3:10 pm on Friday June 26 from the County to warn people about the rise in coronavirus cases in the county.

[User submitted description. This does not represent the views of the Museum of Ventura County]

Family of Elba Reed, Santa Paula, circa 1910. From left to right: Harley, Wilson, Murl, Nell, Grace, Ray, Buck (baby), Mabel Reed (spouse of Elba),…

J. H. Bradley
Bust portrait of J. H. Bradley, wearing a suit looking to the left of camera. He established the Ventura Signal newspaper in 1871.

Shamrock Auto Court Postcard
An l-shaped dirt road lined with squat bungalows making up a motel. Mountains are visible in the background.
[Artvue Post Card Co., 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y.]


Captain Arnold Miller on Horseback
Captain Arnold Miller on horseback. Miller is carrying a rifle in one hand and holding horse's reins in the other and is looking into the camera. Photo caption reads: Aug. 31st 1935. Capt. Arnold Miller. 101 yrs. old. Starts on a lion hunt Hartman's…

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Close-up of Erosion
Snapshot of a man in a suit, hat, and glasses standing with a measuring stick in ditch in a field. He appears to be taking a measurement. Library records state: "A close-up of erosion."

Erosion in Alfalfa Field
Snapshot of a man kneeling next to a plant examining it with one hand and possibly a measuring device in his other hand. His hat lays on the floor. Library records state: "Showing 18" erosion in alfalfa field."

Harry Waud
Portrait of Harry Waud, son of G.B. Waud in a uniform. He is wearing a hat with a chin strap and is posed with his arms crossed looking at the viewer.

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Lemon capital of the world

Camarillo State Mental Hospital
Bird's eye view of Camarillo State Hospital. Library records state: "Camarillo State Mental Hospital, portion of $7,000,000,00 (sic) 3 miles from Camarillo, 9 miles from Oxnard. Bain Photo Service, ND."

Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi
This snapshot shows Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi posing for a friendly picture. The boys are dressed in bathing suits and they are standing in the center of four tire innertubes. The photo appears to be taken in a residential backyard. A wooden fence…
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