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Four men, one with wheelbarrow, in front of a building, larrge tree and water tower.

Oxnard City Hall Postcard
Oxnard City Hall with the straight path leading up to it through a lawn and garden in the foreground. The water tower is in the background. A person walks on the path. There are palm trees in the distance and shadows of palm trees cast on the city…

Oxnard Rail Depot during World War II
Bird's eye view of the Oxnard Railroad depot. Building on the left has small sign of "Oxnard." There is a man standing on the deck on the far left of the image. On the right there are four rows of freight trains.

Roosevelt School, Oxnard
Exterior view of Roosevelt School taken from the lawn on one side of the school. The side and front of the building, as well as a walkway and flagpole, are visible. A water tower can also be seen in the distance on the opposite side from where the…

Water Well at Simi
Water well and tower with wood storage structure, pump, Oxnard Furniture and Plumbing wagon tank, and wooden barrels. Caption reads "Water well at Simi with unidentified man in the background."

Water Well at Simi
Water well tower with water discharge from pipe along wooden sluice with spillway in the foreground. Caption reads "Water well at Simi and spillway."

Water Well at Somis
Water well tower with men watching the water discharge from pipe. Caption reads "Water well at Somis with five unidentified men in the background."

Water Well Simi or Somis #5
Distant view showing full height of water tower next to storage tank. Caption reads "Water well at Simi or Somis. BI - Cam #5."
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