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A View On Oak Street, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
A view of Oak Street. Several Victorian style homes lined with pine and palm trees sit on the left side of the asphalt road, facing businesses with simpler architecture and telephone poles. A figure in a dress stands outside the telegram office on…

Area Behind Newhall Mansion in Piru
View of a vegetated area behind Newhall Mansion, also known as Piru Mansion or Cook Mansion. Unpaved parking lot with one car parked is visible in the foreground. A telephone pole is in the center of the image placed among the trees. In the…

Avenue Oil Fields, Ventura, Calif. Post Card
Landscape view of a petroleum refinery. Twenty or more oil wells stand in a field to the right of a paved road and a residential area with telephone poles and houses. A mountain range is in the background.
Caption: "Avenue Oil Field - Ventura Calif…

BI Co. Pumping Plant and Water Well
Building housing the pumping equipment with storage tank next to it and on the left is the dirt road lined with telephone poles. Agricultural fields in the background. Caption reads "B.I. Co Pumping plant and water well No 1 Tract 86."

MVC084-D19-2076-01 (1).jpg
Grey pencil map of portion of Lots 3 and 4 of Block 33 addition to Ventura. Buena Vista Street is visible on upper portion of map. Map includes an apartment complex details of 5 apartments numbered 844, 846, 848, 850 on Buena Vista Street and 129 on…

Citrus Planting by Edwards - Meek Co.
Young citrus orchard. Caption reads "Citrus planting by Edwards - Meek Co. in 1925. This orchard now owned by C. Thorpe. It is just north of 80 BI Co. Salt Barn. TRB. The road shown is Donlon Rd. Walnut trees in foreground on Tract B."

East View of Hondo Ranch Valencias
Bird's eye view of orange orchard. Caption reads "Looking east from roof of foreman's house (B.I. Co [Berylwood Investment Company] Hondo Ranch) showing 4 year old Valencia orange grove on south side of entrance road TR 18."

Hondo Ranch North View of Valencia Grove
View of orange orchard on left side of image with a wind row on the right side of image. A dirt path in image center. Caption reads "Looking north from SE corner Tr 18. 4 year old Valencia Orange grove (B.I. Co. [Berylwood Investment Company] Hondo…

Hondo Ranch Valencias from Aggen Road
Western view of Valencia orange orchard with Aggen Road to the right. Caption reads "Looking W. from Aggen Rd across 4 year old Valencia Orange grove. Tr 18 (BI Co. [Berylwood Investment Company] Hondo Ranch) South of entrance road."

Inadomi Company Storefront
This image shows an exterior street view of the Inadomi Store. There is an International semi truck parked on the street in front. The Asahi Market can be seen in the background.

Jack Strobel in Boy Scout uniform
Elliott Norman "Jack" Strobel sitting on a bicycle in a Boy Scout uniform.

LPW Co. Windmill and T. G. Bard House
View of windmill with trees in background and telephone pole and lines in foreground. Caption reads "LPW Co. [Las Posas Water Company] Windmill SW cor. TR 80 T.G. Bard house on hill."

Las Posas Reservoir (Formerly Allen Culbert Lease)
Overlooking agricultural field with dirt road lined with telephone lines on left and building and hills in background. Caption reads "Reservoir, SW corner TR 88 formerly Allen Culbert lease, looking N from L.P.W. Co [Las Posas Water Company]…

Main and Oak Streets, Ventura, 1896
View of Main Street in Ventura from the corner of Main and Oak Streets facing west. Bank of Ventura on left side of photo and horses and carriages are parked on the street. Bottom of photo captioned "Main Street Ventura."

Main St. East, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Caption: "Main St. East - Ventura Cal."
Street view of Main Street, from the middle of the middle of the street. Mission San Buenaventura and its bell tower are in the foreground on the left. Businesses line the right side of the street, with an…

Main Street Parade

Main Street, Santa Paula
View of Main Street in Santa Paula, horse drawn wagons "parked" alongside the street. A few people stand on sidewalk and in the road. One sign reads: "Eagle Stable." Part of Coca Cola signage is visible. Photo from Santa Paula Historical Society.

Meta Street, Ventura, 1900
Street view of residential homes, businesses, sidewalks on either side of the street, utility poles, and Meta Street in foreground. Street appears to be unpaved.

Mission Aqueduct at Cañada Larga Road
View of the Mission aqueduct from behind a chain link fence. In the background the mountainside can be seen. On the right side of the image a telephone pole and the house its connected to can be seen.

Mission Aqueduct at Cañada Larga Road<br />
<br />
View of the Mission aqueduct from behind. The back of the aqueduct is visible in its entirety. In the background of the image a telephone pole is seen as well as the road and mountainside.

Small Shed
Exterior view of a shed in a field. The shed has two windows and a door. There are two telegraph poles in the front of the shed towards the right of the image. Behind the shed there is a very large open field which looks to be used for farming.…

St. Francis Dam flood damage near train tracks
Birds eye view of damage alongside train tracks

Telegraph Road, 1900
View of Telegraph Road section with a small bridge. The road is dirt and is lined with power poles.

Topographic map, Ojai. Shows two trees and two telephone pole in bottom left. Separate figure shows slope of easement.

Ventura Avenue Flooded
Street scene of Ventura Avenue with street flooded. Shows cars driving through floodwaters. Storefronts visible on right side of scene, including Larsen's Market, Jerry's Beauty Salon, and Avenue Shoe Shop.
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